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The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison

We've all seen our own cliques when we went to school (or, are still going to school). We know that they come in all forms: Mean, well-dressed, nice, pretty, rich. This book is about a group of girls at a private school who are rich, well-dressed, popular, and mean (in certain cases.)

Title: The Clique
Author: Lisi Harrison
Summary: (Stolen from some website):

The Clique is a petty story about four best friends: Massie, being the leader; Dylan; Alicia; and Kristen. These girls are trying to survive the seventh grade, and by doing it in style. These four best friends are extremely snobby and are descendants from ridiculously wealthy families. They have nothing but the best designer clothes and makeup and live in the most lavish mansions. They are treated like mini adults and think that they have all the power and control in the world, even though they are just barely teenagers.

By being given everything they desire, they have come to expect that same treatment everywhere they go. Looking good is their job, and disrespecting others who are less fortunate is their hobby. Things get a little crazy for the leader Massie, when an old friend of her father’s shows up with his wife and two children who are to stay in their pool house until they get their feet back on the ground. One child is named Claire and she happens to be Massie’s age. Massie refuses to accept the poor and unfashionable Claire. Wearing overalls and Keds, Massie thinks Claire is a walking advertisement for Target unlike her, who wouldn’t be caught dead in that store. There is no way that Massie would ever be seen with her at school or even inside her own house.

Massie is forced to deal with Claire on a daily basis and continues to treat her like dirt. Massie and her three best friends constantly gang up on Claire and are always making her look like a fool. Claire is tired of Massie’s evil ways but just desperately wants to fit in with her group. She comes up with a plan to accomplish that. She sneaks into Massie’s room at night while she is out walking her dog. Claire gets on her instant messaging and poses as Massie while talking to her friends. She tells them that she now likes Claire, and wants her part of the group. This lie along with many others turns the friendship of these girls into turmoil. Kristen, Dylan, and Alicia eventually turn against Massie and make Claire their new leader.

Massie finally gets what she deserves, until the plan backfires. Massie and her friends discover the truth about Claire and things go back to normal. Claire realizes that these girls aren’t worth fighting for and that she would be much better off without their fake friendship. This is a story about the survival in the social world and how some girls would do anything to fit in.

Mm. Yeah I stole that because I didn't really know how to give you a summery. :)

These books were my very first addiction, truly, that I had and I recommend these books to teens just looking for something good to read. This book deals with the art of fitting in and trying to be like everyone else. Claire is the new girl, the one who doesn't dress all fancy and the one who (-gasp-) Likes eating candy! She really wants to fit in with Massie and her clique but she can't because she's a total LBR.

I think we all have a Massie and Claire side to us.

Our Massie side loves shopping, great outfits, and keeps up with all the celebrity gossip we can find. That side also loves coffee drinks and not having to do any chores.

Our Claire side has annoying siblings, doesn't really care that much about clothing, and absoloutley craves sugar! :)

We aren't perfect. Nobody is. We all have an angel side and a devil side to us. We can be sweet and innocent and very big kiss-ups one minute, and the next we're sabotaging other girls' clothes and personal items. Not that I've ever done that. -adjusts halo-

This book series is perfect for anyone who loves a good teen drama; I came across this series at a school book fair and I was immediately interested just by the cover! I bought the third book in the series and read it. I wanted to buy the other books quickly so I could read those as well.

:) Happy Reading!



  1. The movie kind of put me off reading the book. :oP

  2. I haven't seen the movie.

    Is it good?

  3. Ive read all of the clique books, I even write fanfiction for them!

    and, I saw the movie. I thought it was good.

  4. it sounds a bit like gossip girl, but not as good.
    i looooved gossip girl :)

  5. The movie was...a little disappointing. I really disliked Claire, and Massie's friends whose names I can't remember.

  6. Gossip Girl...I've only read the books; haven't seen the TV series.

    Mari, what's your Fanfiction Penname? I write for Fanfiction too x]

    Nia, her friends are named Kristen, Dylan, and Alicia. I'm gunna get it, though, and watch it. x]

  7. Cazz, Ive read Gossip Girl aand watched the show. Me lovey :D

    Leah, my penname is "mari-xx" the link to my fanfic account is on my blog on the sidebar under "Linkage."

  8. I love the clique books im not quite finished them all but im all most finished It's Not Easy Being Mean and ready to read book number 8(not quite sure the title)!!!!!



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