Friday, 16 January 2009

Heavy Metal and You by Christopher Krovatin

Finished this in one sitting, a tell-tale sign of a good book.

Title: Heavy Metal and You
Author: Christopher Krovatin
Summary: "(from some library site) In Heavy Metal and You, by Christopher Krovatin, Sam, a teenage boy, is into heavy metal music and partying with his friends. His life seems to be going along fine, and then he meets Melissa. Sam refers to her as a “goddess,” “amazing,” “beautiful,” incredible,” and on and on. He is truly in love and wants to spend as much time as possible with her. Meanwhile, his friends are feeling neglected and are not very enthusiastic about Sam’s relationship with Melissa.

Then…Melissa wants Sam to change. She doesn't like his heavy metal music, his friends, and his partying. She wants him to go “straightedge,” that means no drinking or smoking. Will Sam change for the girl of his dreams? Find out if the love between Sam and Melissa will survive…"

I loved this. Not only is it rich with awesome music,it's also relateable. The story is real. It's not something all fluffy and gloss-over-it. The emotions are so powerful...I can't even describe it.

My favorite character is Sam. I can sympathize and relate to him. Melissa is actually one of my least favorite characters.

This book is basically too amazing to describe. Just go find it and enjoy. :D

(BTW, I need more book suggestions. Right now I'm on my tenth, Looking For Alaska, but that's the last one I have. HELP?!)




  1. Hey :)

    I just read 'The Sleeping Beauty Proposal" and "Silver is for Secrets".

    I reviewed them on the blog.

    I'm on the book 'Peeps' now.
    You've probably heard of it, right?

  2. Well, there's loads I'd recommend. If you go onto my profile and go to "my book shelf" on the list of links you'll see all the books I own and I've rated some of them so you'll know which ones I'd recommend.

    You liked books like Gossip Girl and Clique don't you?

    You should try the Private series by Kate Brian (the first in the series is Private), there's like 8 books out for it so far, as well as a sequel and a spin off series (I haven't read the spin off)

    I think you can read the first chapter on amazon (click)

  3. Agh, I'm so behind all of you! What's wrong with me?

    Heavy Metal and You is something I know I'm going to *have* to read. My best friend Nath is straight edge, and we both like heavy metal :D Plus, it sounds very good!

    Leah, I've heard 'Peeps', but the one I read was 'Parasite Positive', FANTASTIC! The sequel, 'The Last Days', was amazing!


  4. AHA!

    who reviewed this book and said it was awesome? methinks it was me!

    *feels proud of good taste in books*


  5. this book was freakkin amazing. :) although i found it all too real; he's an great writer though && has a great taste in music. ♥

  6. i love Heavy Metal and YOU it's an amazing book!!! and majorly real!! totally relable.... a good book would be like hmmm idk i like alot of books i read, but The Sledding Hill by Chris Cruther is really really good



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