Friday, 9 January 2009

Right Behind You by Gail Giles.

I read this book a few days ago.

What drew me to it was the lighter on the cover.

Title: Right Behind You
Author: Gail Giles
Summary: (From Amazon!) Grade 8 Up—After setting his seven-year-old neighbor in Alaska on fire, Kip McFarland spends four years in a facility for violent juvenile offenders. When he is released at the age of 14, he, his father, and his new stepmother move to Indiana, with new names. For a while, Wade/Kip enjoys a normal life. Eventually, however, despite the warnings of his therapist, he sabotages his happiness in a drunken fit of rage. After he reveals his identity, the town turns on him and his family. Now, a coastal Texas town is their final shot at starting over. The cozy community appears to be a perfect haven, but Wade feels compelled to reveal his past to Sam, the beautiful and mysterious neighbor who is winning his heart—and has a story of her own. Will she still accept him once she finds out he is a murderer?

The story has so much to it. Really, like Go Ask Alice, it gives you an inside look into being institutionalized. It also includes drugs and alcohol, moving to a new town, teenage hormones, getting bullied and is generally a book full of problems people can relate to.

(Except the murdering a kid at nine. I mean, maybe someone has done it, but I sure haven't.)

Most of the book, Kip feels overwhelmed and guilty. To him, he doesn't deserve a happy ending after murdering someone.

(And it was actually an accident. Kip had problems.)

I don't really like his therapists, except the last one he has. I would've reacted just like him, probably, had it been me.

Overall, a very very very good read. So go read it. Now.

(BTW, for anyone who has read Paper Towns, I let my teacher borrow it because I wanted her to read it. John Green is boss. I've reserved Looking For Alaska. :D)



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