Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Title: Someone Like You
Author: Sarah Dessen
Summary: Halley and Scarlett have been best friends for years, sharing secrets, clothes, and crushes. People know Scarlett as the popular, flamboyant one; Halley's just her quiet sidekick. Then, at the beginning of their junior year, the balance shifts. First, Scarlett's boyfriend Michael is killed in a freak accident; soon afterward, she learns that she is carrying his baby. For the first time, Scarlett really needs Halley. Their friendship may bend under the weight, but it'll never break--because a true friendship is a promise you keep forever and on top of all of that, Halley has to deal with the awkward new-found distance between her and her mom and a relationship with the mysterious and rebellious Macon.

With Sarah Dessen books, I never seem to know whether to love them or hate them - I usually settle on love, like with this one.

The thing that makes me want to hate them is that when I'm reading them, they always give me this weird sense of nostalgia, they make me miss people, miss the past and remind me of that feeling I'd always get when something good was coming to an end... like the end of a summer, the end of a weekend, the end of a friendship or that bittersweet feeling I got on the last day of school ever.

The reason her books make me feel that way is because they're so real and relatable, the characters and situations are so realistic - almost to the point where they're too realistic and reading them doesn't feel like an escape, which is one of the things I love about reading, you can lose yourself in someone elses world for a while, lose yourself in the fiction but her books deal with characters and feelings and situations that sometimes hit a bit too close to home and for some reason they always end up reminding me of just how short life is, how easily good things can end and how things change. And that's sad.

But in spite of all of that, I can't bring myself to hate her books - I love them for all those same reasons (and I just realised I'm rambling about her books in general instead of this specific one, sorry).

Someone Like You was awesome, I loved Halley and Scartlett's friendship most of all - Scarlett's character was my favourite. The one thing I kind of didn't like about the book though, was that there were quite a few loose ends left untied... now, I totally get why it was left like that and it sort of follows the pattern of Sarah Dessens style and it's another one of the things that makes the book seem more realistic, but there was one loose end in particular where I really wanted to know what would happen next - I really wanted to know what would happen between Halley and Macon.

There is a movie version of this book, called How To Deal - but it's a combination of two of Sarah Dessens books, this one and That Summer and it's different in a lot of ways and the characters are different because it's mixing characters and personalities from two books so some got changed or cut. I liked the movie though, I liked that in the movie the Halley/Macon ending wasn't left so open but I'm not sure that ending would've worked for the book characters cause like I said, they were different (especially Halley, I prefer book Halley but I think that might just have something to do with the way Mandy Moore portrayed the character).

Sorry, this review is totally ramble-y, but I loved the book and here's the trailer for the movie version, in case your interested (if nothing else, Trent Ford is gorgeous):


P.s. Oh & remember, the contest ends on the 22nd. :]

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  1. I absolutely love what I've read of Sarah Dessen's books, and what you said was so right - they're completely real, and even though you said it makes you nostalgic, it makes me more wistful, and almost depressed. It doesn't make me hate the books though. And the film! Woah, I'll have to read this book!
    Thanks for reviewing it Lanna, I always find myself with around £6.99 less in my purse on the Saturdays after you post :L



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