Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay

Okay, so I guess it's been forever since I last reviewed something. And seeing as I'm reading quite a bit and have quite a few books to review and read soon - Jellicoe Road came yesterday, thank you Lanna. I'll review it once I've read it! - I figured I should review the book I've not long finished heading.

Right, so here we go;
I'd heard really good things about Peter Kay's biography. Hilariously funny, really relatable, and heart warming. And I found Peter Kay quite funny when on tv.
But his biography was an utter disapointment. Far from being funny, or 'side splitting' as I'd heard it described, it was full of poor jokes and long boring descriptions.
Did I really care about the long process of his poor education around nuns? No, not really. And ditto to his ongoing battle with getting a good driving instructor. I expected his entrance into the comedy scene to be quite a large part of the book, but as the book continued and Kay droned on about his childhood filled with nuns, poor results in the academic field and obsession with recording conversations and the family's new VHS system, I started to doubt whether his profession would be featured whatsoever in the book.
As it happened, it did - on the last few pages.
I found only two things funny during the entire book, which I won't say just in case I ruin the book for any of you who decide not to heed my warning and pick up the book that actually had me fall asleep before 12 o clock every night I read it.
I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone but an insomniac.


  1. Probably the book makes sense.I have heard that comedians actually lead very boring lives and are often depressed.But maybe the book should have been titled "Journey Towards The Sound Of Laughter"?

  2. Doesn't sound like one I'd pick up. The cover itself looks silly. There is a HUGE difference between funny and silly.

  3. That's too bad you didn't enjoy this one. I love Peter Kay but haven't read this book.



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