Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint

Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted anything, so I thought I might as well post this book I've read recently that I love. I know it looks weird, but it's actually very good.

Title: The Blue Girl
Author: Charles de Lint
Summary (
Stolen from Amazon, of course): Imogene Yeck, former gang member and current fairy butt-kicker, is the cool "blue girl" at the center of Charles de Lint's latest urban fantasy novel. Seventeen-year-old Imogene jumps at the chance to lose her bad girl reputation when her family moves to a new town. She purposely lays low at Redding High, only making friends with Maxine, a shy, studious girl who is Imogene's opposite in every way. Despite a few run-ins with the ruling football jock and his cheerleader girlfriend, Imogene keeps her temper in check and even lends some of her bravado to Maxine, who begins to come out of her straight-A shell. Things are going well for the new friends--until the day Imogene meets Adrian, the ghost of a boy who died in the school's parking lot. Adrian and Imogene's unusual connection attracts the unwelcome attention of Redding High's resident Little People, or fairies. Affronted by streetwise Imogene's lack of belief in them, the fairies set into motion a malevolent prank that will not only turn Imogene completely blue from head to toe, but pit her, Adrian and Maxine against some of the most frightening beings of the Otherworld--the soul-sucking Anamithims.

Who doesn't love a book with fairies? Especially fairies that aren't all nice and charming and cute? These fairies have a witty sense of humor which I love, although thinking it's funny when people jump off of a roof (or in Adrian's case, fall) is pretty warped.

Imogene is just a rebellious girl who is very misunderstood and it judged from the moment someone lays their eyes on her. She's funny, witty, and can be very protective. I love that she doesn't want to fit in - ever.

Maxine is the good girl. The one who gets the good grades, who pasts tests... and the one who's mom still dresses her in dresses and skirts. She has really no control over her life, and she has to hide certain things (like books, CDs, etc) from her mom. I don't know what I would do if I had to hide stuff from my mom - or if she still dressed me in very girly outfits.

Highlight the following space to read spoilers.

Adrian is in love with Imogene from the moment he sees her. When they first talk, he tells her about the fairies, and she doesn't believe him. His fairy friends send her dreams to help her 'see'. But, everything goes to hell, basically, after that. Imogene thinks Adrian is up to it, and gets mad at him. Adrian had nothing to do with it; his fairy friends did.

There's one part I laugh at a lot. It's where Adrian (when he was alive) meets Tommery, and all his other fairy friends, then they tell him they can teach him to fly. So, they carry him to the school roof, and once up there the ask him if he's ready to try it on his own. He says yes, then they let him go, which leads him to his death. After he wakes up, some of the fairies are laughing at him, which I think is sort of funny.

Yeah, I really love this book, and I'm sure you guys probably will too.



  1. I remember reading this and disliking it. Unfortunately, don't remember much lol.



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