Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I Love You, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle

Okay, sorry I've been kind of M.I.A. as far as book reviews go recently, I've just not been in the mood to read and stupidly started reading about five books at once, which totally slows me down - but anyway, I'll try and review more often now.

Title: I Love You, Beth Cooper
Author: Larry Doyle
Summary: After concluding he has nothing to lose, geekazoid valedictorian Denis Cooverman declares, during his graduation speech, his love for Beth Cooper, the way hot chief cheerleader. He is amazed to discover Beth is not completely repulsed by his feelings for her, although her army boyfriend, Kevin, is enraged. Beth, implausibly, later shows up at Denis's graduation party with two interchangeable sidekicks, Cammy and Treece. The party comprises exactly two guests, Denis (aka "The Coove") and his possibly gay best friend, Rich. Once Denis and Rich recover from the shock of being in the presence of pretty girls, they attempt to party, but the awkward celebration is cut short when Kevin arrives with his bruiser friends. Denis and Co. make their first of what will be several escapes, the circumstances of each providing Denis with evidence that Beth isn't the flawless goddess he'd imagined her to be.

This book is quite possibly one of the funniest books I've read this year, it had me giggling like an idiot in the early hours of the morning while reading it and I love the way it's written, there's pretty much something funny on every page thanks to the way Larry Doyle writes it.

Beyond that though, if you ignore all the funny parts, there is kind of a deeper meaning - the characters, although they're hilarious and maybe seem shallow at times, they're actually not, they're realistic. Dennis proclaims his love for Beth at the start and then throughout the story, he has to realise that he didn't really know her, she's not quite the perfect goddess he had imagined - in a lot of ways, she's better because she's more real than his version of her.

I'm not explaining what I mean very well, I guess I'm just out of touch with the whole reviewing thing (or maybe I'm always this bad at it?) but I loved the book and it's one of the few books told from a guys perspective that I've really read and it's funny because when I was reading it, I was just thinking "is THIS the way guys really think?"... it's just awesome.

I'll put an end to this trainwreck of a review and instead show you this:

The book has been made into a movie and judging from the trailer, they actually stayed really, really close to the book - the funny parts in the trailer are all pretty much in the book word for word. I think the only thing that changed is that Beth is a brunette in the book, but that doesn't matter.

I pictured Michael Cera as Dennis while reading though, Dennis is meant to look younger than he is... the guy they've cast in the movie kind of looks like a bizarre 40 year old/child combo. (I just looked it up, he's 28)


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