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Double Dose: Gone and Hunger by Michael Grant

SPOILERS ALERT! (the spoilers are in white, so you'll have to highlight them to read them.)

Title: Gone
Author: Michael Grant
Summary (from Amazon): It’s a scenario that every kid has dreamed about: adults suddenly disappear, and kids have free reign. In this case, though, it’s everyone 14 and older who disappears, and the harsh reality of such unreal circumstances isn’t a joyride after all. A girl driving with her grandfather plunges into a horrific car wreck; gas burners left on ignite a home with a young child trapped inside; food and medical supplies dwindle; and malicious youths take over as the remaining children attempt to set up some form of workable society. Even stranger than the disappearance of much of humanity, though, are the bizarre, sometimes terrifying powers that some of the kids are developing, not to mention the rapidly mutating animals or the impenetrable wall 20 miles in diameter that encircles them.

The first time I read this book was last year in 8th grade for a book club. My teacher was looking up books online that we could read for it and we saw this book and were like, "Okay, sure, let's try reading this" because it sounded fairly decent.

"Fairly decent" doesn't even
begin to describe this book.

From the very first paragraph I was captivated. This story was action packed and fast paced that you could never guess what would happen next. I never thought that Sam would have powers.
I thought Caine was adorable in the beginning... then a little scary later on. What was once a sweet, caring boy who just wanted to help everyone in the FAYZ (the Fallout Alley Youth Zone - what they call the big area they're trapped in) turned out to be an evil, power-hungry 14 year old with powers of his own.I would have never guessed that he and a few others had powers.

Drake terrified me, to be honest. He's crazy in the head and doesn't mind harming people, even little kids.

Astrid is my favourite character after Sam. She's witty, a genius, and stands up for herself, which I love. She's gorgeous too, according to Sam, but isn't an airhead. I'm glad Michael Grant didn't add that stereotype to the book and made Astrid into a gorgeous girl who is also a genius.

The first question that popped into my mind after reading the first chapter was, "what happened to all of the older kids and adults?" I foun
d out later in the chapter that Astrid's brother, Little Pete (who is dyslexic), has incredible powers and actually saved Perdido Beach (where they live) from becoming a radioactive danger zone. He stopped a meltdown that would have wiped out the town, but also somehow created the FAYZ.
There's a lot more stuff I want to say about Gone, but I'm thinking you should just buy or check out the book yourself and read it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

9/10 stars



Title: Hunger
Author: Michael Grant
Summary (from Amazon): In the second in a planned six-book series, the children of Perdido Beach, CA, have survived without adults for three months following the FAYZ, a nuclear event that caused everyone over the age of 14 to vanish and an impenetrable barrier to rise for 20 miles around the town. Now their food is almost gone, and in their desperation and fear, the young people are beginning to sort themselves into factions; those without special powers opposing those who have them. To add to the suspense, a terrifying presence that calls itself the Gaiaphage, a being of overwhelming hunger, is insinuating itself into the minds of the susceptible.

So far, I like this one more than the first one. I usually like sequels better than the originals because the first books have more to explain and the sequels skip to the action while explaining at the same time.

So, after three months in the FAYZ, there is a shortage of food. Kids everywhere are hungry. People are fighting over little pieces of jerky, or a few Junior Mints. It's hopeless to calm everyone down, and Sam knows it.

He's now the "Mayor" of the FAYZ, and kids come to him with every little problem, ranging from "when am I allowed to go to bed?" to "My brother ate my dog." Yes, it's true, kids are cooking up their pets to stay alive.

With everything that's going on, no one suspects Caine to attempt to control the power plant. He has a plan, and Sam has to stop him before it's too late.

Meanwhile, the "normals" and the "freaks" - the ones with powers - reach their last straws with one another. After a "freak" accidentally murders one of his "normal" friends, a boy named Zil, one of the "normals", decides enough is enough. He's tired of freaks acting like they own the place, having more food than the "normals" (which isn't true), and acting as though they're superior to everyone else.

He's going to teach the freaks a lesson, one way or another. Although, what you don't expect Zil to do is lynch his former friend, the "freak" who murdered a normal on accident.

Just when a war with Caine has begun, the war between the "freaks" and the "normals" has begun as well. There's also something else lurking in the dark, waiting for just the right time to feed.

This book is action packed, and I swear I could barely put it down.

10/10 stars



  1. I loved Gone! I havent read Hunger yet, it is happily sitting on my shelf, I need to read it soon!! Great review! It definitely makes me want to read it even more now! Glad you liked both of them!


  2. Great review! They sound very good. :) I do love the covers.



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