Thursday, 5 August 2010

Discussion: Self Published Books & Online Reading

If you don't want to read my rambling for a few paragraphs, feel free to just skip to the discussion questions.

Okay, I've had some bad experiences with reading self published books in the past and those bad experiences almost put me off ever reading books by self published authors again. Usually the biggest problem is the editing and that goes beyond just grammar, typing and spelling errors - it's things in the plot needing changed or cut or explained better and plot holes. Professionally edited books tend to be way better in that area.

But, I often read stories online on Fictionpress and Livejournal and some of those authors are really talented and can write and create a story just as well as a lot of published authors can and a few of them have taken the self publishing route for some of their stories and that kind of renewed my faith in reading books that aren't published through a publishing house.

Now, I have a few discussion questions for you:

1. What is your opinion on self published books? Do you read them/like them?

2. How do you feel about book bloggers reviewing them? (Would you like/mind if I reviewed them on here, there are at least four that I intend to buy and read this year).

3. Are there any self published books you'd recommend?

4. On a similar yet slightly unrelated note: Fictionpress. There's a lot of bad stories (bad plots, bad editing, bad writing) on there but amongst all of that, there's also some rare gems that are really quite good... my question about that is, yay or nay to us having the occassional "Fictionpress Friday" on the blog, where I'll recommend a story I've read and loved on Fictionpress (I'll only recommend completed stories of course). And, plus side, it's free to read them so it'll give you something to read between books. Would anyone be interested in that?



  1. 1. Not sure what my stance is on self published books, and I've never read any to be honest, but I think I probably could in the future.

    2. I don't really mind, because if I'm interested in said book you reviews(regardless of it being self published or not) then yes. E books are a problem because I'm not even sure if I'd read them.

    3. Sorry, but no. Although I remember a fictionpress story that turned into a self published book that I thought was neat, but darn I forgot the name. It was a really popular story, but I forget the name.

    4. Considering the fact that in the beginning I read Fanfiction first when I wasn't big into reading normal books yet and then gradually went to fictionpress, then yes I wouldn't mind seeing that. Speaking of fictionpress stories, I should really finish/write mine *headgonk*
    Hi Julie~ - Choco

  2. I just found your post and read it with interest. As a self-published author, I naturally favor self-published works. You are correct; some of them are not gems. But the same is true of traditionally published books. Of course, my opinion is a bit biased, but I would love to see more reviews of self-published works. If you want a deep read by a self-published author, you could try "God, An Unauthorized Biography" by Kelly Harriger. For a very weird and disturbing erotic read, you could try "Pets: Bach's Story" by Darla Phelps. These are just two examples of well-written independent books. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum as far as content, however. At any rate, I'd like to encourage you in the direction of reading self-published books and advise that you try out samples first to make sure the writing is up to par. Most ebook sites will allow you to try a sample. Best wishes to you and thanks for letting me share my opinion.



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