Friday, 5 March 2010

Insomniatic Dreams, Haiti/Chile Relief & Contest

[Note, I asked Shawna and I don't think the full cover is online yet but that picture is a part of the painting that is used at the cover]

Insomniatic Dreams is a poetry anthology by the youtuber Nanalew (she is awesome and really funny) - I've been reading her blog for ages and I've read some of her poems and I really like them so I'm looking forward to getting her book when it's out (no set release date yet, hopefully it'll be end of this month or something).

The fact the cover is absolutely gorgeous only helps fuel my wanting this book.

But anyway, the reason for me making a post about the book isn't only to tell you about it, but also to tell you about THIS website, where they're raising money for the Haiti and Chile relief efforts. You can donate or buy some of the merch (the t-shirts are awesome) or you can just enter the contest (you can enter multiple times).

Oh, I didn't mention the contest before, did I? There are loads of prizes you could win, like imacs and ipads and signed copies of Shawna's book, Insomniatic Dreams.

It's for a good cause so go enter the contest, even if you can't donate - promoting the site will help too (tweet about it, blog about it, tell your friends about it, post about it on facebook... whatever you can think of).

& I repeat, the website is:


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