Thursday, 15 April 2010

Need Some Help?

From going to Jackson Pearce's chats every week, I've met a lot of really fantastic girls and some of them are interested in becoming bloggers. One will be putting hers up in just a week and a half! And I've offered my help to them. The world needs more good bloggers and I know these girls will be fabulous.

So, I suppose this post comes in two parts. The first part would be that I'm most definitely not the world's best blogger. I'm not even sure I'm a good blogger. I know mostly what works for us here when I do post and I know what I like on other blogs. What I don't know is what YOU guys think. What do you like to see on blogs? What are your peeves? Is there a certain kind of review style you like more than the other? Certain templates you really love?

I ask this not as a critique to our blog (I'd never make you guys do that without giving you the option to be anonymous) but so I can help these girls have the best blogs they can get. That means be completely honest on what you like to see and dislike, just no singling out any blogs unless you can't explain something you like and want to link for an example. Help me, help them.

The second part would be that I really like helping people however I can, hence why I'm taking on these girls to help them however possible. I'd also love to help any other new bloggers or people who are thinking about blogging the best I can. I can't help much with templating (Lanna does all of that), but I do want to help. Between the advice here, advice from other bloggers, and what I know, I'm hoping I can actually be helpful. So if any bloggers need help there, just email me at

If you just need promotion, I'll see what I can do. I know a lot of other blogs also help out smaller/new bloggers and don't want it to get repetitive or anything. I might make a once a month feature, but it really just depends on response to this and if you guys actually want a feature like that.

And again, I'm nowhere NEAR an expert. I'm just in one of my helping moods :) But if you want my help or you want to help other bloggers, feel free to comment/email your thoughts!


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  1. Julie hello! Me choco, and yay for mentioning us in your post and I think your reviews and your friends are very nice and I'm thinking about adding some books into my must-order-or-wish-to-have-pile.



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