Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Some Blog Pimping

Hello dear readers! I know I'm failing again, but I was away all weekend and I'm still recovering from the immense amount of excitement. (Roller coasters are SCARY, guys. And I went on like 6 of them).

Anyway, today I want to high light a new blogger I'm friends with because I probably can't pump out a good review today since they take a while.

The blogger is my friend Harmony and her blog Harmony's Radiant Reads. She is a younger blogger and has only been blogging a few weeks, but I already love her blog. And I figure, what better way to promote her than to tell all of you guys?

So, go check out her blog. You'll love it, I promise!


P.S. I'm debating doing some kind of chat for writers/aspiring writers on skype or chatzy, depending what's better for everyone. So just let me know if anyone's interested!

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