Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Day of Blue

As of tomorrow, Sea by Heidi Kling will be out in ONE WEEK.

I've pimped this book. A lot. I've used it for WoW twice (though, one was a mini one), our twitter avatar is Sea (because I've kind of taken that account over for my personal twitter...Oops?), I'm fairly sure I posted the trailer, and now I bring you the Day of Blue.

I have a minor (major) obsession with the color blue. I own more blue things than I can possibly assemble, and this includes some shoes, shirts, my eyes, and my fairly big collection of jeans. But today, I decided to assemble all of my blue and display it. This required me to clean my room so you could properly absorb the blue (even though it took 2 hours. TWO HOURS) and then take several pictures so you could all attempt to take in the blue. As this is the fastest place to upload pictures for me (go figure) and it would take my ages to link them all, I'm going to post the all her. Partly to promote Sea, partly for organization, and partly because...I can.

Without further ado:

This is my bed, covered in books, a blue gorrila, a blanket, a pillow, and a blue frog. On the side is my blue chair, my blue pajama shirt (on the floor) and the chair is holding my blue laptop. You can't really see, but on the very edge is my blue iPod in my iHome (with a blue backlight). And obviously, my blue wall, sham, and backrest.

This is me being artsy/creative with my wall/closet door/mirror. The chair and laptop, the curtains, the hanging down thing-y (sophisticated, yes?) with blue, green, and purple glass circles, and my two different blue walls (different colors, so you can compare). Blue gorilla is lurking in the mirror.

Here, is more wall comparisons. In the back, you can once again see the wanna-be curtain, my blue robes (the bright blue strip in the bottom corner is robe #2). In the mirror you can see my pile of blue pillows. (Side note: That is my 'favorites' shelf. All of my favorite books. Except on top. The ones piled up are all books I have to read. The ones on the side are books I need to review. And yes, that is a statuette of Belle from Beauty and the Beast)

The blue iPod, blue back-lighted iHome, wall, box of Qtips under my stone turtle, my feathery blue pen, my blue headphones (those wires in front of the books) and my blue iced tear. Chilling with my Zhu Zhu Pets and more books I have to read and my many lotions.

This is just a close up of my blue books, gorilla, scarf, bed, and throw blanket (which is fuzzy and I love it).

The books: Two-way Street, The Time Traveler's Wife, City of Ashes, Nobody's Prize, A Gathering of Gargoyles, A Distant Wave, The Queen's Soprano, Incarceron, The Iron King, Dreaming Anastasia, Hex Hall, Inside Out, Big Boned, The Beautiful Between

Another book close up, with blanket, pillow, frog Eeyore, and iPod.

The books: Inside Out, Big Boned, The Beautiful Between, Wondrous Strange, Prada and Prejudice, A Kiss in Time, As You Wish, Frostbite, Rebel Angels, The Musician's Daughter, A Song for Summer
(Why, yes I did forget to include Fallen. Why do you ask?)
(Ignore the rag on the books)

That would be me, in my blue shirt and jeans, taking a picture of wall, curtain, blue pillow pile, curtain-thing, and bed. Just one last taste of blue. (And the flash on my face? Totally didn't notice that before.

Now, I didn't even include all my books downstairs (Harry Potter 5, anyone?), the bathroom, or my towels. Only things in my room, and even then it's only about half of the things I could find.

I hope you all enjoyed staring at my obsessively blue room/book collection. And next week, you should all go buy SEA. Or better yet, PRE-ORDER IT NOW. The link all the way at the top of the post is a link to Sea's goodreads page, which then has links to several places you can buy/pre-order it at. GO GO GO!

(P.S. I have not read this book yet. Because I don't have it. This level of dedication for a book I haven't even touched yet means that you must read it. )



  1. LOL--you are SOOO Blue!!! Thanks for spreading so much SEA love!

  2. What an amazing room! My favorite color is blue! I love, love, love blue. I would do this too but my room is messy and I don't have a lot of blue in my room.

    If you have not read that book yet and you're so obsessed then I must buy it!

  3. Love this post, very creative! I could definitely go head to head with you in a "who is bluest?" contest :) definitely my favorite color too.



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