Friday, 20 August 2010

Censor This

Censorship is something that pisses us off.

Not just me. Not just Lanna. Not just authors that get banned. It's something that pisses off authors and bloggers of all types. Because an ignorant minority that thinks their opinions are more important than the majorities and somebody has to say something.

And bloggers and authors combining? We can get very loud. And we WILL get loud because this isn't acceptable.

Teenagers get pregnant. Teenagers get addicted to drugs. Teenagers drink and become alcoholics. Teenagers can be gay. Teenagers have issues with their friends. Teenagers become prostitutes. Teenagers commit suicide. Teenagers curse. 

So, why aren't we allowed to read about what real teenagers do?

We're not stupid. We learn in middle school that life sucks, it's not all happiness and puppies and rainbows and not everyone is an angel. We know that happy endings are not the truth because every life has problems and is hard and there's nothing easy or perfect about life.

But according to a small group of people, we aren't allowed to read...the truth? What sense does that make?

According to these people, we can't read books like Crank by Ellen Hopkins because it has bad words and shows the honesty of what happens when somebody gets addicted to drugs. We can't read books like The Bermudez Triangle because being a lesbian and having friend problems is apparently wrong. We can't read John Green books because...because they have a lot of perverted or inappropriate jokes? That's the only reason I can think of as to why we can't read a John Green book. Even though I think half of my friends are more inappropriate and perverted.

The worst part is that most of the time these people have never even read the books they want to censor. But they think that because their precious little angels aren't allowed to read the books, NOBODY should be allowed to read the books. To me this is kind of like saying "I'm sorry, I don't like chocolate. NOBODY IS EVER ALLOWED TO EAT CHOCOLATE AGAIN."

I'm sorry, but what? No, you can't take my chocolate away and no you can't tell me what not to read. That doesn't work with me. And it shouldn't have to work with anyone.

And that's the truth. That's what the banners don't want you to know. They can go ahead and censor their kids to death, making them know that the world is puppies and rainbows and happy happy, joy joy forever and ever. But they aren't going to censor me.


P.S. To read the events that inspired this post and some authors talk about why censorship is wrong:

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  1. Right on!

    Fortunately, in the digital age, getting censored or banned often makes something easier to find and evokes more curiosity. Let's just hope the Internet stays free.

    Scott Nicholson

  2. Fantastic post! It always seems like the ignorant minority ruin it for the informed majority.

  3. So sad about the censorship, you would think America would be above it but unfortunately not so much. Good thing authors and bloggers are willing to speak up about it!



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