Monday, 2 August 2010

Cover Variations (3): Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

This book--and this author--is one of my favourites. Ever. The book is just fantastic... the plot, the characters, the writing - all of it. Now that I've got my mini-dose of Jellicoe Road fangirling/gushing out of the way, onto the covers:

This is the US and UK cover... and I don't like it. Well, now that I've read and loved the book, I've warmed up to the cover by association - but still, the cover was what put me off reading the book for like a year and then I was so annoyed with myself when I finally did read it, because the book was fantastic and I should've read it sooner.

The poppy does fit the story... the cover suits the story really, I just don't like it. Now if the US/UK covers were more like the Australian covers, I would've read it much sooner.

The Australian covers:

The first one (which I think is the newest Australian paperback cover? I could be wrong)... I love it, it's not how I pictured Taylor at all and doesn't fit her description (but it could be a different character) but it's just - nice. Lovely.

The second one isn't as good but it's still pretty and it gives a nice visual of what the Jellicoe Road could look like and I like the silhouette of the girl, kind of like she could be Taylor or Narnie or Tate and the three shadowed figures at the side of the road, they could be the present characters or the ones from the past... I just like it a lot.

Because it's one of my favourite books, I irrationally want all three covers - but, alas, I can't get them. The Australian ones aren't sold here (trust me, I have looked) and anywhere I find them online, I really can't justify spending that much money to have them shipped from Australia (the shipping ends up costing more than the book itself).

Do you like the US/UK cover? Which is your favourite of the three?



  1. I think I like the second Australian cover the best. It's kind of a shame that the US/UK one is so ugly, lol.

  2. I kind of like the ghosty type one. It's kind of haunting.

  3. I'm a fan of the US, but I do love the one with the road...

  4. US cover - When I first saw this cover, I got the impression that the book would be...well, serious. Also, I think I should mention that orange is my favorite color, and poppies are my favorite flowers. :D

    Old Aus. cover - Like you said, nice visual, and it just looks...mysterious and intriguing to me. Definitely would have picked up the book if I saw this cover. :)

    New Aus. cover - Yeah, the girl doesn't fit Taylor's description, but I think it's suppose to represent her. And I can imagine Taylor just laying on the ground like that. However, if I knew nothing about the book, I'm not sure I would have given it a second glance. But since I know about the book, I love it. ;)

    Honestly, it's hard for me to choose. I love all 3 covers for various reasons, and I think they all fit the story. I would like to own them all as well! XD

  5. The US cover is my favourite. It's not published here in the UK, but I wish it was! Thank God for Amazon :D

  6. @Prophecygirl, it isn't published here? I thought it was. But, I get all of my books from Amazon so I'm kind of oblivious to what is sold in our bookstores. o.O

  7. yea the australian covers are a lot better! Why do different places have different covers? hm.



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