Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Firelight Blog Tour: An Interview with Will and a GIVEAWAY

You've read my review and now today we have an interview with Will, the main male character from Firelight!

For those that don't know, Will and his family hunt drakis like Jacinda.

How did your family get in the draki hunting business?

My family has always hunted draki. At least on my dad’s side. It’s been the family business forever. My mom didn’t quite know what she was getting into when she married my dad…
What kind of training goes into killing draki?
In this modern age, draki hunting involves training in certain technologies. We use high-frequency radar and all-terrain vehicles, as well as helicopters, net launchers, etc. This is all equipment we need to be familiar with. We also need skill with firearms, particularly tranq guns and the bow and arrow. If you injure a draki in the wing, they’re can’t fly and are as good as caught. I’ve spent a lot of time at the archery and shooting range.

And, of course we need a certain level of physical fitness. As I said, hunting is a family business, so my dad had me in the gym ever since I could walk.

At what point did you realize draki hunting wasn't something you wanted to be a part of?
I guess around the time I figured out why my mom had become so unhappy. I used to hear her and dad fight late into the night. She didn’t want him training me so hard. She wanted me to do all the stuff normal kids did. Dad didn’t care. Not about what she wanted. Not about what I might want. And that’s when I knew that I never wanted to be a part of something that made you disregard the people you’re supposed to love. The real test came the first time I saw Jacinda. I knew then that anything that destroyed something so beautiful was evil.

What is one thing the world would be shocked to know about you?

I guess that would pretty much be the fact that the real reason I miss school so much is to hunt and capture draki. And there are other things … dangerous secrets I can’t reveal in this interview.

If it was possible and there was no other way, would you become a draki to be with Jacinda?

I can imagine doing or becoming anything if it meant being with Jacinda. She’s everything good and sweet. Nothing she is can be described as bad or wrong, so why would I be afraid of becoming like her?

Now, for something TOTALLY awesome! Sophie is offering up a SIGNED finished copy of Firelight!
  • ONE winner
  • US/CA only. Sorry international followers!
  • Ends September 14
  • You can get ONE extra entry for following Sophie on twitter (@SoVerySophie)

Good luck to everyone and I hope you all enjoyed Will!



  1. Yay I've been wanting to read this book! thanks for hosting it :)

  2. Brilliant character interview, and this is such an amazing giveaway! I would love to win this one :)

  3. I love character interviews...so fun! :) Thanks or the contest.

  4. Enjoyed the interview! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Great contest! :] Thanks for hosting



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