Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Half-Life of Planets by Emily Franklin and Brendan Halpin

The Half-life of Planets
Emily Franklin and Brendan Halpin

Liana is an aspiring planetary scientist . . . and also a kissing addict. This summer, though, she plans to spend every kissworthy hour in the lab, studying stars. Hank has never been kissed. He’s smart and funny and very socially awkward, because he’s got Asperger’s syndrome. Hank’s plan for the summer is to work at a music store and save enough to buy the Fender Jazzmaster he craves. What neither Liana nor Hank plans for is their fateful meeting . . . in the women’s bathroom at the hospital. But their star-crossed encounter could be the very best kind. Two veteran YA authors tell, in alternating chapters, the story of two kids who discover that the best parts of people can’t be summed up easily.

Asperger's fascinates me. I actually did a report on it for my Child Development class. And my sister was into physics and got me interested in astronomy and such (a class I'm taking next year). So this book automatically has two elements going for it to interest me.

This book was, quite simply, adorable. I loved every moment. From the constant music references to Hank's awkwardness to Liana's worry about not kissing anyone, there was never a dull moment.

I was addicted to this light, fluffy novel, staying up way later than I should've to finish it. And while it was fairly light, there was this undertone of a more serious message on how one word doesn't define a person. Which, especially as teens, is an important thing to remember.

What I also loved about this was that it was realistic. There was no love at first sight. There was no 'I looked up and knew we were soul mates.' This was a genuine teen romance. There were awkward moments and miscommunications, which certainly wasn't helped by Hank's Asperger's. Hank seemed like a real boy, not like the way girl's fantasize they are. He was just as nervous and unsure around Liana as she was around him.

A music lover's dream, a genuine look at Asperger's, and a fluffy romance with meaning. I couldn't think of a better summer read.



  1. Great review, this sounds a really good read =) I've not heard of either of the authors before. It's quite unusual to have two authors write alternate chapters of the same book, so I'm interested to see how that worked.

  2. This is on my TBR list!! Can't wait to check it out

  3. This sounds fantastic! I've just added it to my wishlist, thanks for the great review :)



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