Monday, 23 August 2010

The Wait for Mockingjay

You guys know I posted my review for The Hunger Games the other day. The series has captivated me, as well as millions of other people.

Today is the Day before Mockingjay's release. Some VERY lucky people have already read it because their stores failed at embargoes. Sadly, I'm not one of those people. Partly because I haven't read Catching Fire and partly because my pre-order of Mockingjay won't even be sent until tomorrow because the HQ DOES follow the embargo.


But anyway. There's really no point to this post. But it felt wrong to not post SOMETHING today. 

I think I'll make the main goal for this post this: Don't. Spoil. Anything. In public.

Some people are doing what I attempted to do. Not even READING the series until Mockingjay was out. Other people are like me and don't even know the summary for Mockingjay. So, it would be SO TOTALLY AWESOME if we all agreed not to spoil ANY part of the series in public. 

If a friend (like Lanna) LOVES spoilers, give it to the in an email. If you wanna discuss Mockingjay, do it somewhere where not everyone can see you.

There have already been spoilers put on the web by people who got Mockingjay early. It ticked people off. Don't be one of those people.

I'm in the boat where I don't even know what's on the jacket for Catching Fire, much less Mockingjay. And I probably won't know until this weekend. So Mockingjay silence shouldn't JUST be kept until tomorrow when the book is out. The world needs time because not everyone can get the book right away.

So, the point of this post that I've pulled from nowhere is to be cool, and not spoil any part of the series in a public place. If you do and someone chases after you with a pitchfork, don't be surprised.

Happy Almost Mockingjay Day, everyone. Happy reading.

--Julie aka The Girl Who Hates Spoilers

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