Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos Lanna!

(Oh, yes, I'm SO going there today Lanna.)

Today is Lanna's birthday. She's one year further into adulthood, and blah, blah, blah. 

To CELEBRATE, I have MESSAGES from other bloggers...because I'm too poor to get her a real present (it's not exactly cheap to ship something across an ocean, ya know?)

Hey, Lanna!
Guess what?!
It’s your birthday! *makes noise*
And guess what! You’re now one year older. [[I love reminding people.]] (:
Anyway, Julie had a “Sekrit Project”, and when I asked her it was this and I was glad to participate in celebrating your birthday!
♪Happy, Happy Birthday to yoouu♪
I hope you have a wonderful day and may all your wishes come true! I still have to wait 3 more months for my birthday and I’m so excited.
So, yeah! Chill out with all your buddies and family members and gather around a cake with candles and sing Happy Birthday and Kumbaya and Joy to the World and all that wonderfully awesome stuff that makes no sense, but is fun to do anyway! Wait, what are you doing reading this excessively long thing about your birthday! Go have fun! :D


And MORE WILL COME. I was told.

 But yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And I hope you don't feel TOO old having a 15-year-old co-blogger. =D


P.S. Y'all should totally swarm her on twitter. @AllyHeartsBooks

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