Wednesday, 20 October 2010

On Our Wishlist (6)

This month, I'm gonna do "smaller" publishers! And almost all of them have covers! Woohoo!

Joy Preble
[January 1, 2011]
*Previously featured, but what does it hurt to bring back?
Dreaming Anastasia is probably one of my favorite books EVER. So, DER I want a sequel!

Anna Sheehan
This one just sounds amazing, honestly!

Edited by Tricia Telep
[May 10, 2011]
Running Press Kids
I love steampunk and some of my favorite authors, and some I love without reading, will be in this!

Angie Smibert
[July 2011]
Marshall Cavendish Children's Books
This is another one that just sounds REALLY cool.


The Iron Queen
Julie Kagawa
[February 1, 2o11]
Harlequin Teen
Why WOULDN'T I want this? I adored both books in this series and, hello, the author's name IS Julie...

Maria V. Snyder
[March 1, 2011]
Harlequin Teen
Another sequel. I really liked Inside Out and I'm curious where the characters go next.
What are YOU guys waiting on this month?


  1. Corset's and Clockwork = WOW! Great picks!

  2. I"m just getting into Steampunk - I'll definately be adding Corset's and Clockwork to my list. I've also heard amazing things about the Iron series. I must check it out.
    Megan @ Read It, See It



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