Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Internet vs. School vs. Writing vs. Reading

Currently, I'm stuck in this never ending cycle.

I come online for a quick break. Then I say I'll do my homework/write/read.

But then I get stuck online and don't do my homework. Or I'm babysitting and couldn't possibly outline 20 pages. So, write/read, right?

But then I feel guilty. I shouldn't be writing when my schoolwork isn't done! School clearly comes first! But, there's still reading. Babysitting is how I got into reading. Reading can be done ANY time and it's educational!

But if I haven't done my homework OR done any writing, why on earth should I be reading? Reading is strictly for when all other responsibilities are over...right?

So then I end up on the internet saying how I should do my homework/write/read. But I'd feel guilty doing anything but my homework. But I don't want to do my homework. I talk to people on twitter, I catch up on blogs, I watch videos, I think about sending emails and never do, I talk to my critique partner, I talk to Lanna, rinse. Repeat.

Does anyone else find themselves in this stupid cycle? Or know how to get me out of it?

(Fortunately, not a problem today. My APUSH class has no homework so I'll pretty much have none to do tonight. WOO!)


P.S. This is my super subtle explanation for lack of reviews now and for the next few weeks. In case you were wondering.


  1. I'm in the exact same cycle as you are! I always tell myself that as soon as I get home from school I'll do all my homework to get it out of the way and it never happens. Then I'll go online, saying "just five more minutes" which turns into five hours and I end up doing all the work at 11 at night (and people ask why I'm so tired...) Plus trying to find time to read kills and working on post for the blog... It's crazy! Glad to know I'm not the only one in this neverending cycle (well until summer XP)

    Also, Woot! for no APUSH homework. That stuff kills!

  2. I know this cycle all too well. I'll just check my email before I start writing. I'll just visit a few blogs before I start writing. I'll just visit FB before I start writing. There are too many time sucks on the internet!

  3. Oh sweetie, I am in the same cycle. First year of university is hard and I'm afraid of failing. Yet the time I read books when commuting back and forth, I should be studying! So it's hard. Oh so hard...

  4. Oh, I can so commiserate! Although my cycle is different. I have school work to grade, so I can do report cards. But I also need to plan lessons, or I won't be ready to teach next week. I'd rather be writing -- but should I work on the promising WIP or the pet, slim-hope project? The WIP needs more research and some outlining, but I've recently become addicted to watching Torchwood on Netflix, and I was really enjoying reading Leviathan on my Droid's Kindle app. And how did it get to be 10 pm already? Because if I don't sleep, how will I teach tomorrow?!?



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