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Blogoversary: Blogger Guest Post

Authors and other bloggers are a huge part of the reason book blogging is so fun, they're all totally awesome and I love the way they all pull together and stand up for things like censorship and the whole Speak Loudly thing... and, well, they're just a really great bunch of people in general.

I suck at talking about this sort of stuff. Julie is way more articulate in this area than I am.

So, seeing as bloggers are awesome and my co-blogger is awesome, Julie came up with the idea that we should get some authors and bloggers to tell us their favourite book of 2010 (considering we started our Blogoversary with our favourite books from this year). /Lanna input.

Author and blogger recommendations on twitter are a huge source of books for me. I see an author being epic on twitter? I want their book. I see a book being raved about? I want that book. My twitter friends are good that way. So, what better way to both acknowledge authors and bloggers we appreciate AND highlight some 2010 books we might not have in our own post?

Best Books of 2010: Blogger Edition

Heather from Book-Savvy

The best book I've read in 2010 was The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa.

After reading the first book of the series, The Iron King, I counted the days until TID was released. It truly is a modern-day faerie tale of epic awesomeness. Meghan, the MC whose self-image is undeservingly poor, discovers she is much more than just a boring farm-girl. Falls in love with a faerie whom is not only emotionally broken, but is the son of her birth fathers nemesis. Through the course of a heart pounding and desperation-laced adventure, the two of them finally come to terms with their endearment, which wrecks her friendship with the only real friend she's ever had. The plot is like riding a roller-coaster blind folded. The accuracy of the incorporated faerie folk-lore and the compassion evoking depth of the characters made me want to wander into a trod and accompany them on their quest. I am Team Ash all the way, but I'd be happy forever with a Puck of my very own.

The story is inspiring and a great escape from my mundane reality. I've already re-read it twice and am now feeling the need to go again.

Julie from Magna Maniac Cafe

There were so many great books in 2010, but I have to go with Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes. It's a deep, emotional read, about love, hope, and strength in adversity. While I was reading it, Nothing. Else. Existed. I just wanted to follow along with Lanesha as she matured from a caring young girl to a compassionate and optimist young woman. Equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting, this book knocked my socks off.

Dani from Wrangler Dani

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her honesty and poise won us over in Eat Pray Love, and Gilbert continued it graciously in Committed. While I didn't agree with everything she believes about love and marriage, I felt like we were getting somewhere in a deep and vital conversation, one that's growing ever louder because of it's sidelined status in pop culture. It was a brave, thoughtful and moving look at men and women and love and marriage, and I was engrossed the whole way through.

Farrah from I Eat Words

If so, my favorite book was Lifted by Wendy Toliver (YA novel). I like Toliver's spunky story of teenage rebellion, and finding the meaning of real friends. She gives realistic feelings and emotions to her main character, Poppy, allowing you to really be pulled in to the story. It's a fun read if you're looking for a heartwarming book filled with boys, backstabbers, and trying to fit in.

Liz from Consumed by Books

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Why: Samantha Kingston lives the same day, seven days in a row, which is a premise I'd never seen in a novel before. I loved watching Samantha grow as a person throughout the novel. However, it makes my favorites list because it is beautifully written. I already want to re-read this novel, and will definitely check out anything else Oliver writes.

Ari from Teens Actually Read

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. It's the unconventional story of being gay. It shows they have feelings and that they do fall in love.

Angela from Reading Angel

Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala. Not only was this a fantastic read all the way around, it was a very emotional story for me personally. I was pregnant at 17 as well, and was able to see alot of my fears and doubts in the character. It was great seeing how someone else dealt with the same situation.

Jamie from Bookmarked

I'm going to go with Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder. It was hard to choose with books like Before I Fall, Anna and the French Kiss, and Mockingjay all vying for the top spot, but I chose Chasing Brooklyn for its format. It was easily the shortest book I've read all year (it's written in verse), but in just a few words it delivered a hard punch to my emotional gut. It was also a dual narrative, which I love when done right, that gave me two perspectives that were equally believable and distinct. This was a chilling read that earned the top spot on my list of books released this year.

Lisa from Fragments

I really loved Wildthorn by Jane Eagland. This book made me thought about how lucky I'm for living in the 21st century, where women can stand up for what they believe and not being punish or severely reprehended by that. I also loved the main character, she's strong willed and smart but at the sometime sweet. The mystery that this book had, made me devour it and wanting more!

Misty from Misty's Book Nook

My favorite book of 2010 is the Morganville Series by Rachel Caine. They are very well written. I actually felt like i was the main character and I could feel every thing she felt... Def not your normal vampire series.

Quite the variety, ehh? Plenty of books we haven't read ourselves!


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