Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Blogoversary: Contest (Open Internationally)

Todays choice for one of our favourite things about blogging:

It's such an awesome feeling when you recommend a book to someone and they tell you that your review convinced them to read it or you make someone aware of a book they hadn't heard of before and it's even more awesome when they love the book as much as I did.

I blog because I love to talk about books, that's why I started this blog in the first place and I would still talk about them even if no one read the blog -- but the fact that people do read it and that reviewing a book on here might make even one person go out and read a book they maybe wouldn't have otherwise? That feeling = win.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Onto the part of the post that you'll actually be interested in: the contest.

As I made clear above, I love it when people read books that I love... so for this contest, all you have to do is fill out the form below and the winner will get to choose one of the 24 books that Julie and I chose as our favourite books of 2010. You can find the list in yesterdays post.

I'll be ordering the book from The Book Depository, so the contest is open internationally (well, to all the countries they deliver to).



  1. Thanks for the chance to win a book. I did not know A Harvey's third book came out. Thanks.

  2. Thank-you so much for making this giveaway international!!

  3. Lanna, so many of your choices have made my list as well.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. So many choices! I'm sure everyone will have a very hard time choosing. Thank you for opening this contest for your international readers as well =)

  5. What a great giveaway! There are a bunch that I haven't read, so this was a tough choice. I broke down and picked one, though. Thanks!

  6. Great giveaway and a great list of books thank you for the chance!

  7. Thanks so much and happy blogoversary!



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