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Blogoversary: Julie & Lanna Interview

Favourite thing about blogging:

I wonder if maybe I would get bored with blogging if it wasn't for Julie... I have a short attention span and I get tired of things quickly, but I think having Julie as a co-blogger is a big part of the reason I still love blogging. I have someone to rant to or gush about awesome stuff, someone to remind me of blog-y things that I would probably forget, someone to discuss blog related things with.

The blog would probably completely suck without Julie. I mean, if I'm in a reading funk or something, then because there is two of us, stuff still gets posted on the blog and there isn't huge absenses... and take the Speak Loudly thing for example, Julie's post inspired me to write something more personal too when I would've just stuck to ranting about how wrong I thought the guy/censorship is.

Speaking of Julie's and her awesomeness, she wrote up a history of our blog (because it is kind of chaotic, how we began - at one point there were more than 10 contributers to this blog). It's linked on the navigation bar but clicking the link above will take you to it too.

Moving on... to go with the theme of this post, we figured we'd let you guys interview us, so we got some people to submit questions for us to answer:

Julie & Lanna Interview

How many books do you read a year?

Lanna: It varies. I don't really keep track. More than 50, at least. I could read over 100 if I don't go through major reading funks (which happens from time to time -- stuck in one of those now actually, it's driving me nuts).

Julie: I'd like to say over 100, but I'm not really sure...*goes to goodreads* Apparently, I've read 106 or so books.

Do either of you write?

Lanna: Yeah, I used to just write crappy poetry and short stories and I kept a thoughts journal (like, not one of those journals where you're all "dear diary" or talking about how your day went, just things that I'd think about). Then I tried fanfiction and that wasn't enough, I wanted to create my own worlds and work with my own characters so the novel thing started - I have about 200 novel outlines/started novels/novel ideas in my Idea Graveyard right now... I have a short attention span, so finishing them is the challenge. I do NaNoWriMo and attempt other writing months through the year too.

Sorry, that was kind of a long answer to just say "yes, I write." - but yeah... it's just something I do for fun, a creative outlet. I'm nowhere near good enough to get published, I doubt I'd ever even attempt it.

Julie: I do write. I've won NaNoWriMo twice and JulNoWriMo once, I've finished one manuscript, I've written songs and poems and all sorts of short stories. I've also written a lot of fanfiction.

Can both you name your favorite book--or is that too hard?

Lanna: That's like asking someone with a bunch of kids to choose a favourite. I can't do it. Actually, it's even more difficult because with kids, at least it's narrowed down a little, while there's at least 20 books in the running for my favourite book.

Julie: Pride and Prejudice is probably my all time favorite based on the fact I've read it at least three times and it's my go-to read. But favorite favorite because I love it more than anything else? Not sure I can say.

You like nonfiction?

Lanna: I haven't read much nonfiction to really decide. I've read a few biographies and I own some books on writing and books about mythology and things, but beyond that, I tend to stick with YA fiction.

Julie: I don't read it often because it tends to bore me. I do have one on my TBR pile about Marie Antoinette because I love her and the book is what the movie Marie Antoinette movie is based on and supposedly reads like a novel.

Who are your current favourite heroines/heroes?

Lanna: Not really sure of the context... does the question mean in fiction? I'll assume it does seeing as this is a book blog and all. In that context; Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter always make the list (and Dobby and Snape!) from Harry Potter. Katniss Everdeen... I don't know, I kind of hate questions like that, I'm not quite sure why. =P

Julie: Ooh, very tough question.  The only ones that come to mind are Rose from Vampire Academy and Attie from Salvaged. Both are very strong characters and there's just so much about each to love and admire.

What was the most disappointing book ending you've encountered this year?

Lanna: I don't really want to give an answer to this one, because I wouldn't want to say it's disappointing without explaining why and explaining why would spoil the book for the people who haven't read it. So pass, sorry.

Julie: I didn't like the ending of Spirit Bound or Hex Hall, but not so much because I was disappointed as they were cliffhangers that made me want to scream. I don't think any really disappointed me. Well...I guess Sea by Heidi Kling. It wasn't the ending I wanted for Sienna, which was disappointing, but I do still respect it.

The least disappointing?

Lanna: Well... basically ever book I've enjoyed this year? *shrugs* I guess if I had to choose one, I'll choose Mockingjay because it's gotten a lot of criticism from people who either got pissy about the epilogue or because Katniss didn't end up with who they wanted her to or because people died that they didn't want to die - but really, I thought it was a perfect ending to the series. Were there things I wish had happened/hadn't happened/weren't so rushed? Sure, but overall, I think it was great and it made sense and there was this kind of poetic symmetry to the thing with Prim (which was something I've seen people whine about a lot).

Julie: I've read so many amazing books this year. But I think the least disappointing WILL BE Last Sacrifice. I'm trusting Richelle to give us a good ending to the series, or at the very least the one we deserve. (Team Dimka FTW!)

What are your top five books of all time?

Lanna: This is difficult, there's a lot. I guess right now they would be; Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, Looking for Alaska by John Green, The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling (and I refuse to say which one, I'm counting the series as a whole as one) and Paper Towns by John Green.

Julie: O.O I...I...*combusts*

Favourite bands?

Lanna: I listen to stuff from pretty much every genre, music is probably one of my biggest addictions other than reading. I'll just name a bunch from different genres; Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Marianas Trench, Manchester Orchestra, Hedley, Bon Iver, Florence + The Machine, Joshua Radin, Metric, The Fray, Killswitch Engage, You Me At Six, Go Audio, Trading Yesterday, Little Joy, A Day To Remember, Bat For Lashes, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, The Beatles... I'll stop now.

Julie: I listen to a lot of country, pop, and rock, as well as some hip hop. Love Trading Yesterday, Between the Trees, Marianas Trench, Glee cast...after that it very much becomes a based by the song thing.

And movies?

Lanna: Gah, there are so many. Horror movies are my major guilty pleasure, even the bad low budget cliche ones crack me up, so I won't list those, outside of the horror genre; Drop Dead Fred, Keith, Ten Inch Hero, Edward Scissorhands, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rent, Heathers, Breakfast Club, Beetlejuice, 10 Things I Hate About You, Get Over It, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Beauty and the Beast... and because I am a cliche girl, Dirty Dancing (and Dirty Dancing 2), A Walk To Remember and The Notebook.

Julie: Hmm...Marie Antoinette, Pride and Prejudice (BBC and Kiera versions), Juno, Dirty Dancing, Becoming Jane, North and South (based on Elizabeth Gaskell's book), Beauty and the Beast (nerdy princesses FTW), The Prince and Me, um...Elf! I like my fluffy romance, especially historical.

Lanna (in response to Julie's answer): It surprises me that you left out Everafter. =P

Who is your favourite fictional character?

Lanna: I can't choose just one. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (and fanon Draco Malfoy), Taylor Markham and Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road, Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska,  Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments series, Adrian Ivashkov (?) from Vampire Academy. Gah, there's so many and I love them for different reasons; some make me swoon, some make me laugh, some I just relate to a lot...

Julie: I really don't know...yeah, no clue. Well...I guess Evie and Sophie from Paranormalcy and Hex Hall. Love the snark.

What do you do for fun (other than blogging and reading)?

Lanna: This was already mentioned above, but writing. I draw too, but not very well and I love messing around on photoshop. I'm addicted to tumblr... and reading fanfiction is my guilty pleasure (yeah, I know that's reading too but it's a different kind of reading). Talking on MSN with my best friends. Randomly wandering around at night with my best friend, just talking and laughing and playing on swings. *shrugs* I sound ridiculously boring but that stuff is fun for me.

Julie: I sleep a lot. High school is draining, especially as a junior. I write a lot...depending on my mood. I edit (or will be soon) for my critique partners. I love walking when it's warm. I babysit a lot. I tend to hang out at the mall with my friends, or we hang out here and go through my books (depends on the friend). I love watching and rewatching movies. Mostly, I go on twitter.  Anyone that follows us knows I'm on twitter a LOT...especially when I shouldn't be.

Thanks to Ashlea who submitted a few questions, the others were done anonymously.


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  1. It is totally awesome that you guys answered my questions! @Lanna- I 100% agree with you about the ending to Mockingjay- I think that is my best book of the year! Love getting to know more about you girls!



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