Monday, 20 December 2010

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

Fall for Anything
Courtney Summers
St. Martin's Press
[December 21, 2010]
From the author of Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are comes a gripping story about one girl’s search for clues into the mysterious death of her father.

When Eddie Reeves’s father commits suicide her life is consumed by the nagging question of why? Why when he was a legendary photographer and a brilliant teacher? Why when he seemed to find inspiration in everything he saw? And, most important, why when he had a daughter who loved him more than anyone else in the world?

When she meets Culler Evans, a former student of her father’s and a photographer himself, an instant and dangerous attraction begins. Cullen seems to know more about her father than she does and could possibly hold the key to the mystery surrounding his death.

But Eddie’s vulnerability has weakened her and Culler Evans is getting too close. Her need for the truth keeps her hanging on...but are some questions better left unanswered?

This was my first Courtney Summers book. It will not be my last. 
You know when people say they got chills at how beautiful or moving or gorgeous something was? I never understood that. Until I finished this book. I closed it, completely done, and I didn't cry but I got chills down my spine.

This book was just so utterly...raw. I felt like every YA book I've read before was muted and the character was muffled before I read this book. Eddie's feelings were just so intense even though she seemed so totally out of it at times. It was the kind of emotion that I feel a lot this time of year when I'm so stressed out and it was nice. Refreshing. Kind of like a slap in the face.

Eddie was probably one of the most...interesting characters I've ever read. She wasn't easy to like, but she was easy to sympathize with and easy to understand. She was a real teenager that I could relate to without ever having been in her shoes. 

Culler. What to say about Culler? I think I'll have to let you decide on Culler for yourselves or I'd just spoil you. And I definitely don't want to do that in this book.

Words will not do this book justice, honestly. I could try and keep going but I can't explain how truly amazing this book was. It's behind my abilities to explain it. So I'm going to leave it on you guys to read this yourselves then come back and tell me how much you loved it.



  1. Its on my TBR ^_^ can't wait to read it.

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on one of Courtney's books!

  3. I've heard good things about Courtney Summers and her books. Maybe I'll pick this up! It was a good review. : )

  4. I don't know how I feel about Culler... I think in a way he was justified but in another way, he wasn't. It just made me feel that much worse for Eddie but Milo. Oh sweet Milo!

  5. Sounds like a great book! I've never read anything by her before too!



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