Wednesday, 22 December 2010

In Which I Am a Thankful Sap: Good-Bye 2010

2010 was a hard year for me personally. School problems, friend problems, family problems, health scares. You name it. Nothing horribly tragic happened, we even had a few miracles, but it wasn't the year I wanted for myself.

But this community made it totally worth it.

I know it's not Thanksgiving, I'm like a month late, but I DO want to make sure I give credit where credit is due.

To the bloggers, most importantly. This community is what it is because of bloggers that came before us and shaped it and the new bloggers that made me feel like I could be helping people. The people that cheer me up and wish me happy birthday and retweet my pathetic tweets when we're SO CLOSE to milestones. 

I especially want to thank Kristi, but I think we've said all there is to say about her during Story Siren Appreciation Week. ;)

And I want to thank Nicole, who has helped me a lot, whether she realizes it or not.

I want to thank Brent, for his sass and his flair and his willingness to always help. He's done me a lot of good and he's kicked quite a bit of ass on the way.

Of COURSE I must thank Harmony, my critique partner extraordinaire. And though I've never met you in person and God knows when I will, you're probably one of my best friends. Thank you for having faith in me when I told you to start your blog.

And obviously I must thank Lanna. I never would've had the guts to be in this community if she hadn't already invited me to be a member of this blog and it wouldn't be what it was without all her procrastinating by making images and layouts and such and just...being there. 

Really, there's a TON of you I'd like to thank (I'm looking at YOU everyone I talk to on twitter) but umm...there's a lot of you. And it's kind of late and I still have homework, so... 

To the publishers for being so amazingly supportive of book bloggers. I won't say I have tons of contacts or anything, but the few publicists I have been in contact with have been pretty amazing. My pile of review books currently staring at me, waiting for me to dive back in, agrees.

To the authors. Oh to the authors. There would BE no community without the YA authors.

My thanks to John Green, who inspires us all with his nerdi-ness. I'm blown away every day by what John, and Hank, do every day and what they've accomplished. A community of nerdfighters. And amazing books. And through it all remaining humble. We are lucky to have him.

I must thank my idols, who actually know I exist, even if they don't know how special that is to me. Meg Cabot, who mentioned me and our blog on HER blog back in June. I's MEG FLIPPING CABOT. And she found and read one of our blog posts. It boggles my mind. And Libba Bray. She said happy birthday to me on facebook. What does this mean in the grand scheme of my life? Nothing really. But Libba is my hero and she took the time to say happy birthday to me when she's never said a word to me (that she knows of. There was that one time she replied to my comment on her blog...)

To the authors that follow our blog, I'm honored. Slightly mystified as to WHY you follow our little blog, especially those that have been for months, but honored. Every time I look to see who our new followers are and see an author I recognize, I think an angel gets it's wings.

To the authors that follow me on twitter. You're brave souls. I know I'm a weird tweeter (no really, 1,100+ followers? REALLY?) and I should probably spend less time on it. New Year's Resolutions, yeah? But seriously, you make my day.

And many, many, many thanks to the authors that just plain have faith in the blog. The ones that send their books and leave comments and retweet links or post links on their website. To the ones I consider friends (I'd list you, but there's many, I'd probably forget someone, OR I'd say someone who doesn't consider me their friend and that leads to AWKWARD TURTLE).

Thank you, YA community, for making 2010 epic and memorable and beyond amazing. Here's to 2011 being even better.


P.S. NO we are not done blogging for the year. I was have a sentimental...hour and we had nothing to post...shhhh.


  1. Julie,

    You are such a sweet person and I hope you have a fantastic 2011.

    We all love you!

  2. D'awwwww, Julie!

    You've made me feel all mushy and sentimental (and yes, I'm aware I said I was going to go read a while ago - but I'm such a procrastination whore, when do I ever manage to read/sleep when I say I will?).

    But anyway, I concur with everything you said and you're pretty much made of amazing. :)

  3. AWW, this is just too sweet.

    Evident by the fact i'm commenting, and you know I HATE commenting.
    *glares at word verification*

    But you'll get your sappy reply on my thank you post =P

  4. here's hoping for a better 2011! and totally nothing wrong with being a little sentimental every once in a while.

    i'm so glad to have 'met' you ladies!

    happy blogging in 2011!

  5. Ahaha. Julie, you crack me up, you know?

    Love you too.

    Stay fierce.



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