Friday, 21 January 2011

Bloggiesta Starting Line!

Yes, I'm taking on bloggiesta. Bad thing to do the weekend before midterms, BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY.

I don't have *too* much to do, but it's enough that I want to get it done so I can use most of my time off during midterm week to read.

My to-do list:

1. Review. I only have 3 (though I plan to make it 4 by the end of the day)
2. Read. Need to finish a few of my current reads. School's messed up my reading.
3. Discussion posts. I have one in mind to set up and I'm sure Lanna has more. They're always good for rainy days.
4. Email. I'm HORRIBLE at emailing reviews to publishers. I need to get on that.
5. Update. Both review archive and 2011 DAC lists need to get updated. I'm not counting on getting the review archive done because this is a project we start back in, um, June. But progress is good.
6. Organize. My books are spread all over the place and some of my shelves get kind of forgotten in that. Must fix this!
7. Memes. I'm getting bad with my memes. Need to do a proper IMM and maybe set up a couple Waiting on Wednesdays...or something similar to them.
8. Study. NOTHING to do with blogging and should probably be at the top of my to-do list but...yeah.

I'm going to leave me list like that. And whatever's left by Sunday afternoon will be for Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Hopefully it can all get done!



  1. Ahhh, I'm taking blogiesta on too, although my midterms are next next week so I have a little more time to spread out. This is a great list and sometimes writing it all out helps you get started! Good luck!

  2. Great list Julie. Have a fantastic weekend. If you need any help, do let me know!

  3. Great goals! I only have a few reviews to do, as well, but I definitely want to schedule some discussion posts.



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