Monday, 24 January 2011

Bloggiesta Summary

It's over so soon!

I had a (very) late start, but also had some great conversations that inspired me!

So, what did I get done?

1. I got 2 discussion posts done! One posted on Friday, the other will go some point.
2. I responded to blogg-y emails. There was only 2, but I still had to respond. I kinda put off some less happy blogging emails.
3. I updated our review policy! Or at part of it. It wasn't much, but hopefully it'll help.
4. Updated my DAC 2011 post.
5. Added the blog to the book blog search engine.
6. Updated the review policy again! Yeah, don't ask.
7. Wrote three reviews. Have two left from books I finished
8. Read 2 books.
9. Formatted/Fixed up 3 way-in-the-future posts. 
10. Set up the 2012 debuts shelf on goodreads. 2012...God that's the year I graduate. 

Wanted to get a lot more done, but I do have most of this week off (Oh how I love midterm week...) and I've set up a schedule to get this done. (Today I'm scheduled to tackle the last 2 reviews and organize bookshelves and email reviews.)


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