Friday, 14 January 2011

Discussion: Books That Blow You Away and Other Things

I have a lot of favorite books. I openly admit that. There' least 70, not counting some of the longer series (i.e. Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, etc...). But more and more often I find myself staring at my shelf of favorites and going "Really? Did I love that book THAT much?"

Well...yeah. I did. I love every book on that shelf, no matter what rating I gave it or how I might have reviewed it. But how do I define a favorite? A book I plan to reread someday? A book I really loved? A book I just don't know what else to do with?

Looking at my shelf, yeah, I do want to reread a lot of those someday. I have reread several of them already. I love a lot of those books. But some are there more because the author's other books are or other books in the series are. And that just...doesn't seem right. Not now that my shelf is bursting with books. Shouldn't it be just for books that blew me away?

But then there's another problem. So few books HAVE blown me away. I can think of...maybe 10 of the top of my head. Then how do I organize the rest of that shelf?

So, I guess there's a few questions here:
How do you define a favorite book?
How do you organize your shelves?
What books totally blew you out of the away and made you question your love of any other book? (I'll try to answer this too, if anyone wants me too.)



  1. Are you talking about GR shelves or actual shelves? Because my actual shelves are organized by size. haha. But for me there's not always a big difference between "favorites" and books that blew me away. There's a ton of overlap which is why i lump them all together on goodreads.

  2. Well, actual shelves are what I'm organizing. On goodreads I'm not as neurotic. On my actual favorites shelf, I'm so obsessive I organize by type and then by size...I have problems.

  3. I organize my shelves just like a book store: by authors last name. I'm kind of OCD like that. But it's kind of fitting since I have a mini bookstore in my room.

  4. Great topic! For me, a book that I consider a "favorite" is one that blows me away completely and stays with me for a long time (I can't stop thinking about it - in a good way). Fo example, after reading The Time Traveler's Wife, I couldn't stop thinking about it all the time for weeks. Also, I think it has to affect you in a much deeper emotional way - for me this is Little Women.

    Organization.... well so far I have 5 bookcases in my "library". 1 is for VIctorian books and the like. Another one is for Biographies, general fiction, and a bit sci-fi, 3rd is for YA lit, 4th is for renaissance/medieval books from my first degree, and 5th is for my school library books and cook books.

  5. P.S. I hope you don't mind, but I loved your post so much I created my own - on BOok Organization.

  6. If I know I'll want to re-read a book over and over again, I consider it a favorite. I have an old David Eddings fantasy series that I take out twice a year and re-read. I love it. That's a favorite to me.

    My shelves are organized based on type of book. I tried doing it alphabetically at one time, but when I purchased new books, as I so often do, I ended up having to reorganize the entire bookshelf to fit new things. Organizing by type of book is easier for me becaause I can dedicate entire rows to certain types and it's easier to fit in new books.

    All of the Vampire Academy books blew me away. Other than those, I'd have to say the last Harry Potter.



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