Friday, 25 February 2011

Badd Blog Tour

 Today, we have Tim Tharp, author of Badd, on the blog talking about his writing process!

Seventy-five degrees. That was the high here  in Oklahoma City this week. But that wasn’t the case last week or the week before when a blizzard hit, and the temperature, at one point, fell to -30 in some parts of the state (rumor had it that was colder than anywhere in Alaska). We aren’t used to that here. Road crews aren’t equipped to handle it and neither are drivers. Which means we were blessed with a sometimes frustrating but mostly wonderful phenomenon: snow days.

Probably no one loves snow days more than students, but writers just might come in a close second. Since I teach at a college, it’s sometimes hard to find time to write during the school year, but this winter has been different. As the fluffy white powder covered everything—or at least everything I could see from my window—I finally had a chance to get back to my writing.

My novel BADD was just released a month before the blizzard. While writing it, I became deeply  immersed in the story of Ceejay McDermott, a sixteen-year-old girl whose brother has just returned from military duty in Iraq. Now the book was out, the early reviews were good, and I could relax, right? Not even nearly—new characters and plots were calling me. The trouble was finding time to answer the call. Until the snow days came.

Morning is a great time for writing, so I doubled up on my coffee, got my notebook out, and browsed over the ideas I’d jotted down in my spare time. That’s how I always start a new book—I just write down ideas in no certain order until finally they come together in my mind, and I can hunker down in front of the computer. Now I could write until noon, take my lunch break, then get back at it again. Well, okay, maybe I took more than a lunch break. Sometimes, when the inspiration bogged down, I’d get away from the keyboard, do some laundry, vacuum the carpet, or wash the dishes. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on the novel. Sometimes I get my best ideas when I turn to other things for a moment. That only works, though, if I’ve been really working hard.

People often ask what my writing process is like. I usually tell them that I’ll sit at the computer for thirty minutes after dinner. If the ideas come, I’ll work as long as I’m fresh. If they don’t come, I don’t beat myself up. I know I’ve tried. But sometimes those thirty-minute sessions just won’t fit into the day, so I have to take what I can get, at least until summer. Yes, summer is the best. I can work all day if I want. But this winter, I was lucky—a little extra time came to me with the snow. 

Thanks so much for sharing, Tim!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad the snowstorm came right when you needed it!



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