Thursday, 3 February 2011

Discussion: Blogger Insecurities

I would like to make a note before you all read this: THIS IS NOT A PLEA FOR PEOPLE TO TELL ME I'M SPECIAL. This is a stating of facts.

I also apologize to non-blogging readers, because this is kind of blogger-centric. I'll make sure the next one isn't. ;)

So, I'm going to assume I'm not the only one with major personality issues. Pretty much, if there's something to be insecure about, I will be. I'm one of the most...well not self-loathing, but self-doubting? people. I consider myself so amazingly average in pretty much every way. (She says while singing along to 'Just the Way You Are'.) Blogging isn't an exception.

A lot of the time, I'm proud of this little blog. No, we don't have the amazing numbers some blogs have and no we didn't grow the way some blogs did in the same amount of time. But over 600 followers is nothing to turn my nose at and I know you're all reading because you genuinely like what we provide and not because we have a ton of contests or whatever. But some days...

Some days I can't help but wonder WHY so many people follow us. I mean...are we really that original? Are we really putting out anything so spectacular that no other blog puts out there? Are all 600+ of you going to realize we aren't that special and just unfollow us one day?

I mean, I like to think we try to contribute something. But is all we're contributing our overabundance of sarcasm? Our occasional discussion posts like this one? Because I definitely notice a jump in followers when we post a really interesting discussion post. Some of our most viewed posts include our Speak Loudly post (the more personal version, aka the one that scared the crap out of both of us to post), Lanna's Hunger Game casting, and her How to Make a Button post.

Or are you only all here because people far cooler than us decide to be our friends and recommend your follow us? Or because sometimes authors like to say we don't suck? Or because I sometimes make semi-intelligent comments in twitter discussions? Yeah, I often wish that whenever you have to follow a blog, you have to say why/how you FOUND that blog.

I tell myself that clearly there's a reason everyone follows us and like I said, most days I believe in our little blog. And when I have small doubts, usually I can talk to someone who will yell at me and tell me to stop being stupid. But some days, I can't shake the feeling of just being average. 

Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmingly average or amazed at so many people caring what they say? How do you put the feeling down?


Lanna input:

See, I pretty much put the majority of people following the blog down to Julie. She's the awesome one, she's the one who gets most involved in all the blogging community stuff and talks to everyone on twitter and all that. She writes the best reviews and I'm pretty sure if we counted them up, she probably wrote the most too. I'm not sure I'd still even be blogging still if it wasn't for Julie being my co-blogger.

I don't see my way of thinking as insecurity... self-deprecating, a little, maybe - but it doesn't make me feel bad. I'm just happy people follow the blog and comment and seem to like what we post, I don't stress too much about why people follow. I'd be just as happy with 10 followers as I would 10000.

So yeah, I think it's awesome that people follow the blog but I tend to credit the majority of our followers to Julie anyway, so I don't have a lot of "Why do people follow us, I'm not that special?" moments of self doubt. :)

/Lanna contribution.



  1. YOU ARE AWESOME. And so is your blog =P
    And no, i'm not required to say that.

    Though I AM required to say,
    you DO have awesome friends.
    Like me.

    Kind of. ;)

  2. I admire your honesty and can completely relate. My self-confidence (or complete lack there of) fluctuates from day to day. One day I write something and feel great about it. The next I don't want to write at all because I feel like I stuck at it and who in their right mind would want to read it?! Usually it's the later.
    I think it's hard to wrap our minds around people being touched, impacted or influenced by our words. And sometimes, hearing the positive and seeing the good in what we've done makes it even harder to grasp- which is strange.
    I think what you have is humility and that is one of the things that those of us that read your blog like about you the most. There's never a sense of "if you don't agree you're wrong". You tell it like it is - according to you - and leave the rest up to the reader to determine if we agree or want to follow your lead. That's the sign of a great communicator!
    I for one appreciate all you do!

  3. You are fantastic and so is your blog. I like to stop by and read your posts. You have no reason to have doubts.

  4. I agree with Harmony B you and your blog are awesome.
    I am also a self doubter and I have my mom to shake them out of me lol. Since I have just started blogging I have a lot of insecurities that it has been hard to get it up and running. I have this feeling that no one will read what I post but my mom and aunt and my friends read it so I just have to tell myself I AM AWESOME to some and that is how I get through myself doubts. Hope that helped.


  5. I really follow you because of your reviews. I *usually* agree with your recomendations and opinions so if I'm on the fence about something I look to you guys to tip me one way or the other. The discussion posts are great too and I always find something interesting to read around here. Not only to I follow you guys, but you're on my list of 21 "daily reads" - so I think you're doing a good job.

    I can definitely relate to the insecurity though. Sometimes, I can't help but think, "who the heck cares what I have to say about anything?" - but I blog for me because I think it's fun, not because x number of people pressed the follow button. If I stumble into a few folks that like what I have to say - that's just icing on the cake. At least that's what I tell myself when I have little freak outs over my follower number or lack of packages with the lastest lusted after ARC or whatever. And it's *mostly* true :)

  6. Interesting discussion, and I do agree with you. I do doubt myself and my blog sometimes...but I also really like what I'm doing. My main thing is that I like when at least a couple people will comment on something. Just a couple makes me happy. It shows me people are reading and have something to say. and that's cool.


  7. I feel like this ALL THE TIME. It sucks. But your blog rocks (honestly, it's one of the few that I actually read) and you're both fantastic bloggers. :)

  8. I stumbled across your blog some time back(Can't remember how :D) and saw what I liked. I feel the exact way even now. I respect your honesty which is a big positive factor for me when it comes to a blogger. Which I know I can always find with the two of you, may it be in your reviews or in your discussion posts.

    Try not to doubt yourself Julie, as you can see many think you are pretty awesome :)

  9. I can totally relate to your post, I doubt myself a lot. I think just about every blogger has those moments too.

    I think readers can tell when bloggers put the time and effort into their blog - and yours is obviously one of those.

  10. I can't speak for all 600+ and I know I don't always ocomment. But as a book-blogger, what I like so much about this blog is it's content. You're posts are interesting, insightful, compelling reads that can't be turned away from. You have a talent in the way you word things that makes it easy and relatable to read.

    I'm not really good at being insecure about myself, I know who I am and I'm cool with it. I take pride in the fact that I don't judge people and I like to see people for their differences...that said, you ARE different and you ARE unique.

    I keep coming back because I respect you're opinions and think what you have to say is worth while.

    I don't care if you loose every follower but me! As long as you keep putting out you're honest posts, I'll keep coming back. :)



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