Friday, 4 February 2011

Jaded by Tijan

by Tijan

Summary: Sheldon doesn't care about anyone except Corrigan and Bryce. The three of them rule their school, but it seems someone else wants in on the action or that someone else just wants Sheldon. How many bodies is enough to prove their love to her?
Yes, this book is self published and I know a lot of you will probably not read it because of that -- I’m usually the same, but I started reading Tijan’s stories on fictionpress  last year and what can I say, I was hooked.

I love Jaded. So much that I wanted to own the actual physical copy of the book even though I could read rougher versions of it online.

Tijan really has a talent for writing bad ass female characters. The main character in this story, Sheldon, is quite an abrasive character but it’s hard not to like her and respect her. It’s not like she’s harsh to be cruel, she’s just really tough and has a lot of walls built up to shut everyone but her best friends out. Plus she’s really honest. Brutally honest would be the best way to describe her.

As a character she really stands out amongst all of the protagonists of other books I usually read because she is different. She’s likeable for her strength and her honesty and her loyalty to the people she cares about, not many characters can pull off being bitchy while still being likeable.

The guys in the story are great, I wish I had my very own Bryce and Corrigan, really. Gotta love the guy best friends (especially ones that are swoon-worthy). Corrigan is my favourite, he's just a really fun character.

I love Sheldon’s relationship with Bryce, they’re far from perfect but they’re kind of perfect for each other… and I love that their romance isn’t all mushy and romantic all the time -- you probably won’t have realised this, considering I’ve mentioned multiple times on the blog that I’m a sucker for the romance in books, but in real life I can really only handle romance/the mushy love stuff in moderation.

So I really like that about their relationship, the way you can tell how they feel about each other even though they’re not spouting love poetry or whatever at each other on every other page.

Moving on…

I love the plot of the story, the way it’s like… mature high school -- with the sex (yes, sex happens and that is not ignored in the book) and the parties -- but it mixes in some good thriller action with a stalker/murder plot too. Even though I already knew who the killer was (having read parts of the sequel online before I finished Jaded), I wouldn’t have guessed on my own and she almost had me convinced the killer was someone else at one point even though I knew it wasn’t that person.

There’s only one thing that sometimes irritated me about the book and that’s the way the characters would make comments or think something/have a moment of realisation… but the reader isn’t exactly filled in on what was meant, like the writer assumes it’s obvious when it isn’t or maybe it was done intentionally to add more mystery but I'm really impatient and the murder/stalker plot was enough mystery for me without adding more. Some thing’s I just wish had a bit more explanation and were a little less cryptic (but, that's just a personal preference).

But yeah, other than that? Loved the book.

Really, it’s stories like this that prevent me from totally crossing self published books off my to read list. They may still be a little rough around the edges because they lack the thorough editing (and I’m talking more than just grammar/typos here) that books published through a publishing house have and their covers might not be as awesome because they don’t have an art department to do that for them… but there’s still some raw awesomeness to be found amongst all the bad apples that have taken the self publishing route.

I really hope one day Tijan tries to get her books published the more traditional way, she has the talent.

Her other stories that I’ve read, Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail and A Whole New Crowd = I want them too (the former is on sale now too, but it’ll have to wait a while -- one thing that sucks about self published books? A lot of them cost more than a hardcover book in a book store would cost. Gutted.).

Sorry this review has been kind of scattered and weird, it’s nearly 2am as I write this, but anyway, I really recommend Jaded and if you want to give some self published books a try then Tijan writes some of the good ones.

(If you're not sure, you should check out her stories on fictionpress and see if you like her writing. My favourite stories by her are A Whole New Crowd -- and the sequel, Sentiment Lost -- and Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail.)


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