Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Note About L.K. Madigan

I'm sure most of you know that yesterday, YA author L.K. Madigan died. Or maybe you didn't, but now you do.

I won't tell you that I was a huge fan of hers or I talked to her often. I've never read one of her books, though I hope to change that soon, and I've never said a word to her. I don't even follow her twitter. But I AM still sad and shocked about her death. I remember reading her post where she announced her cancer was terminal and said her goodbyes to the online world. It was a beautifully done post and I'm glad she wrote it, but sad it had to be written.

But I did want to make sure you all see this post. It's a message from her husband and an address to donate to their son's college fund. I'm currently in the college-hunting process and I can tell you, if you've never done it, it's stressful. One of the biggest stresses is figuring out how to pay for it and if you can afford to go to your dream school. My parents insist I apply to at least one state school because it's cheaper.

So why am I posting this? It's not something I normally post, no. But I want to help a fellow teenager and make sure he has a college fund. I personally can't donate. So the best I can do is post this for my followers and hope one of you can and will.

Thank you for those that read this and double thanks to those that donate.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the link! I'm doing the college thing right now, too. Hopefully Lisa's son acquires enough to go to the school he'd like to attend!

    And man, the news about L.K. Madigan's death is horrifying. That blog post she wrote after her diagnosis was heartbreaking. :(



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