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Discussion: Instant Read List

Before I get to the discussion part, I have a question for you all:

I’ve put GIF’s/pictures in a few of my more recent reviews, kind of like visual interpretations of my feelings on the book (examples here; Hex Hall, Like Water for Chocolate and Nevermore). Do you like this? Hate it? Want me to stop or do it more often? I find it really fun but I’d ease up on it if it annoyed people (I still do the written part of the review too, I won’t stop that).

Onto the discussion…

So, I've mentioned sometimes in reviews that an author has made it into my instant read list.

This is the list of authors who managed to wow me so much with one or more of their books that I'd be willing to read pretty much anything they write in the hopes of repeat awesomeness/wowgasms happening (…I’m not punny, am I? Yeah, didn’t think so).

It’s not quite the same as my favourite authors list, because so many authors are on my favourite list for writing a book I loved or for having beautiful writing or an ability to create characters that feel ridiculously real to me…but even though I adore those books, it doesn’t guarantee them a place on my instant read list.

If an author is on my instant read list, then I'm more likely to take chances on their books. If the cover of a book isn't drawing me in/the summary does nothing for me/the subject matter doesn’t appeal to me and the author isn't on my instant read list, then the chances of me reading that book are, well... a snowballs chance in hell. Really not likely.

But on my instant read list? I'm more willing to take a chance. I would buy a book by an author on my instant read list, even if it didn’t appeal to me because I trust that author to deliver something awesome.

I know that maybe I should branch out of my comfort zone with books anyway and try new genres and all that more often... but when there are so many book out there that actually do tick my Lanna Wants to Read This Book boxes, it feels like I don't have the time to take risks with new book types, I can barely keep up with the ones that actually appeal to me.

Anyway, discussion questions:
1. Do you have an instant read list (does not have to be an actual written list)
2. Which authors are on your list if you do?
3. Is it a case of once the author makes the list, they're there forever? Or can books by them you don't like get them removed? (If it’s the latter, how many not-so-awesome books would it take for you to lose faith in the author?)
4. How many books would it take for someone to make your list? One? Two? Three? More than that?

My instant read list, in case anyone wants to know (and the book/s that got them here):
  • John Green (Looking for Alaska)
  • Megan McCafferty (Sloppy Firsts)
  • Melina Marchetta (Jellicoe Road)
  • Cat Clarke (Entangled)
  • Stephanie Perkins (Anna & the French Kiss)
  • J K Rowling (...stating the obvious, Harry Potter)
  • Jandy Nelson (The Sky is Everywhere)
  • Lucy Christopher (Stolen)
  • Mandy Hubbard (You Wish)
These authors...just...

And I asked Julie for her list:

  • Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall, and Demonglass cemented any possible doubt.)
  • Libba Bray (My love of Gemma Doyle made me read a book about mad cow disease, road trips, and garden gnomes that are actually viking gods. I'm in it for the long haul.)
  • Myra McEntire (I've only read Hourglass, because it's her only book, but it's my favorite book in the world. So yeah. And I lovez the Myra.)
  • Lisa DesRochers (Personal Demons was amazing and I'm sure Original Sin will be too, but I think Lisa's personal awesome is my biggest reason here. And she writes some epically hot boys.)
  • Mandy Hubbard (She started with a Pride and Prejudice retelling (Prada and Prejudice). Then the genius of You Wish. No doubts ever.)
  • John Green (I didn't genuinely fall in love with Looking for Alaska (need to re-read), but I find I like him more and more as he grows as a writer, Paper Towns being my favorite of his.)
  • Julie Kagawa (Her name is Julie. She writes about my favorite cat. The Iron Fey series gets better every book. Woman knows what she's doing.)
  • Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss is probably the best "romance" book I've ever read. I will always turn to Stephanie for fluff-with-substance.)
  • Kiersten White (She's so funny! And anyone who can come up with the sparkly pink taser is instant win.)
  • Jackson Pearce (I've loved all her books so far and I love the sound of all her future projects and I think she's one of those authors that can always hit in all the genres I love. Add her epic talent and of COURSE I'mma read.)



  1. I like the gifs! Keep em coming!

    I do have an instant read list! Here we go:
    - John Green
    - Kelly Armstrong (either YA or not. Freaking love this woman's writing)
    - Megan McCafferty
    - Catherynne Valente (non-YA)
    - Libba Bray
    - Kiersten White
    - Lisa Desrochers
    - Lauren Oliver
    - Cassandra Clare
    - Probably a bajillion more

    Even if one of these authors produced a book that I didn't like, I'd probably still read whatever they published. *shrug* It only takes one or two books for an author to be added to my list.

  2. my list
    Julie Garwood
    Susan Mallery
    Linda Lael Miller
    Roxanne St Claire
    JR Ward
    Christine Feehan
    Lori Foster
    Cindy Gerard
    Nora Roberts
    Linda Howard
    Lora Leigh

    This list keeps growing of course. I doubt i'll ever take any of them off my list of must read authors.

    Lisa B

  3. I enjoyed the gifs! They make me smile and remind me of Tumblr.

    Not too many people are on my instant read list.
    J.K. Rowling for sure.
    Joe Meno
    Ellen Wittlinger

    That's about it though =\ I wish it were longer. Then I would have more to fangirl over.

  4. It's up to you with the gifs but try to remember that not everyone has blazing internet speeds and the more gifs the slower the load and maybe you will lose readers. :D

  5. - Sarah Dessen (I've read her books since my last year of high school, which was over 6 years ago... I will absolutely read anything this woman writes, and I would buy it even if I knew nothing about it. Love her!0
    - J.K. Rowling (pretty self-explanatory!)
    - Rick Riordan (loved the Percy Jackson books, and love his 2 newer series as well)
    - Stephanie Perkins (like you mentioned: Anna was just that good)
    - Elizabeth Scott ('Perfect You' and 'Something, Maybe' ... I've read all her books since)
    - Justina Chen Headley ('North of Beautiful' is one of the most gorgeous books I've ever read)
    - Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games, of course)

    I could probably think of a few others... Sarah Dessen is definitely at the top of the list, though. She's the one I thought of first when I saw this topic.

    A good example of going back on the instant read list is Cory Doctorow. Now, I haven't read all his books, but I absolutely ADORED 'Little Brother' ... I thought it was funny, smart, and absolutely thought provoking, so I picked up 'For The Win' despite the fact that the thing was monstrous and it didn't really sound that interesting to me. I figured he could make me interested in it. But no, I was pretty bored and I didn't even finish it, so I'm definitely less likely to read something else by him now.

  6. Keep them, the gifs really help because they are relatable. Like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words", although a good book wins over a good picture any day ;).

    I don't actually have an 'Instant Read' list, but when I think about it, there would only be a handful of authors that would be on it if I decided to create one.

    - J.K.Rowling (obviously)
    - Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games = 2nd best series I’ve read next to Harry Potter)
    - Jodie Picoult (her stories push the limits, and they make you look at the world around you differently after having read them)
    - Emma Donoghue (I’ve only read one of her books, Room, but it was amazing and I’d love to read more of her works).

  7. I love gifs.

    John Green
    Suzanne Collins
    Maggie Stiefvater
    Gayle Forman
    Julie Kagawa
    Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim series)



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