Sunday, 6 March 2011

In My Mailbox (59)

This was started by The Story Siren...can you do the rest? I'm kinda tired...

Got some awesome books this week and because I have a spending problem, I'm already guaranteed more books next week!

[video will go HERE when I find the wire for my camera.]

For Review:
Illusions by Aprilynne Pike
Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins
Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton
Jenna and Jonah's Fauxmance by Emily Franklin and Brendan Halpin
$50 B&N Gift Card



I only got one book this week, Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr and it was for review. I wasn't expecting to get that, I wasn't sure if I was even going to continue with the Wicked Lovely series but seeing as I have Darkest Mercy now, I may as well. I'm gonna buy the other two books next time I'm buying books. 

Anyway, that's all.



  1. I'm so jealous : I so want to read Illusions. I hope you'll love it =) !! Happy reading !

  2. Oooh, Forgotten! I got that one last week! Definitely looking forward to reading it--can't wait to hear what you think! :)

    And Lana, I felt the same way about Darkest Mercy! I haven't read the fourth book yet, but I have the fifth. Hmm. =/

  3. Great haul this week! Forgotten looks sooo good.

  4. Nice set of books i must say! Especially illusions sounds to be great!



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