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Mortal Kiss by Alice Moss

Mortal Kiss
by Alice Moss

Summary: How much would you sacrifice for just one kiss ...

When smouldering Finn and sexy Lucas arrive in Winter Mill, life starts to get very complicated for Faye McCarron.

But two boys battling for her heart is just the start; events in town are sinister. There's a dead body in the woods, a motorcycle gang on the prowl, and the snow just won't stop falling.

Something evil is at work, and only Faye and best friend Liz can stop it. As the temperature drops and the nights draw int towards Hallowe'en, they must uncover the dark secrets at the heart of Winter Mill - before its too late.

So in the beginning, I pretty much hated this book. I had a list in my head of all the reasons why I didn't like it and I was all set to hate it at the end and write one of my rare negative reviews… but then, by the end, I found myself really liking it. It kind of won me over.

First, to explain the reasons I didn’t like it at first:

The writing bothered me a lot. Something about it just irritated me to the point where I wanted to throw the book across the room… sometimes I’ll be reading a book and I’ll notice the writing because it’s so fantastic or poetic, other times I’ll be so absorbed with the story and characters that the writing doesn’t even register -- the writing in this felt kind of awkward and clumsy and even after I started to like the story, there were still little things that irritated me.

The point of view switches were really frustrating. I think there were seven point of view switches within the first 50 pages. It stopped me from getting attached to the main characters and the transitions between point of views weren’t that great. A lot of the different POV’s seemed pointless.

I would’ve liked the story better, probably, if it had been all told from Faye’s POV (in first person instead of awkward third). Or, if there had to be more than one narrator, if it had stuck to just Finn and maybe Lucas and Liz then it might’ve been okay. Instead, I think I counted 8 different point of views in the book.

I already mentioned not really feeling connected to the characters, but for about the first third of the book I really did not like Liz at all. She grew on me later, but in the beginning she was so annoying, shallow, selfish and kind of bitchy.

Another thing, and this is more of a pet peeve than a flaw with the book… the descriptions of totally shallow things really bugged me. I honestly do not want or even really need detailed descriptions of character outfits, right down to the eye shadow they chose to wear. *facepalm* It reminds me of bad fan fiction when writers do that. But, some people actually like those descriptions.

So yeah, all of those things had me really hating the book for at least the first 70-100 pages but after that, the plot picked up enough for me to overlook those things (or maybe they improved, I’m not sure).

I wish some things had been explained more (although, if there is going to be a sequel then I get why they weren’t), but I did like the plot and there were parts of it that were pretty original. I loved the setting too, it’s the kind of town I kind of wish I lived in.

The characters, once I warmed up to them a little, were pretty awesome. Liz definitely redeemed herself and I adored Jimmy. Lucas and Finn were lovely and Faye (who I think was maybe supposed to be the main character? The point of view switches made it hard to tell but the summary sounded like it was all about her) was pretty awesome.

It wasn’t the most outstanding story, I think it could’ve definitely been executed better, but after the first 100 pages, it was fast paced and kept me hooked till the last page and if there is a sequel, then I’ll probably read it even if me and the book did get off to a rocky start.

Rating, if I had to give it one: probably 3 out of 5 stars.

(Note: the things that irritated me? They might not bother other people, I have seen other people talk about how they loved the book)



  1. Thanks for the honest review! Those things you mentioned would probably bug me, too. But I'm glad to hear the book grew on you eventually! :)

  2. I'm thinking that the things that irritated me about this book would definitely bother me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good story - but what I really love is a great story that is also written really well. I'll probably end up skipping this one.

  3. i looooved both books they are the best books i have ever read and i hope there is going to be a third.



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