Saturday, 26 March 2011

Out of Curiosity...

After reading, this post Kristi posted today (it's an excellent post. If you haven't read it, you really should), I was curious if maybe there was some way to figure out if other bloggers are the majority of our "audience" and if blog's do have a big impact on buying habits. I'm big on surveys and learning random, pretty useless bits of information.

So, this is just a quick, completely anonymous survey to satisfy my pointless-curiosity. I may even do some number crunching with it, work out statistics. Depends entirely on how many people answer, how long my interest remains, and if I have the time (well, I HAVE the time. I just don't use my time well...). If you guys are interested in the results, I'll put a little more effort into doing this and post some point. 

It's not going to change how we blog or what we post, if any of you were worried. I'm quite honestly just so weird that I want to know.

Answer, Don't Answer, it's up to you. All questions are mandatory but if you don't have an answer just put "N/A" or a few dashes or whatever. And for the questions about buying books based on blogs, if you never have just put No.

Yeah, that's it. Thanks for feeding my curiosity!



  1. I'm hoping you share the results with us, it'll be interesting to hear what people have to say.

  2. Me too. I want to know the results.


  3. This could be a very intersting poll, and is a very interesting topic overall. I'm sure a lot of the blog community would interested to see the results. Hope you get 'time' to share them. (sorry for saying interesting/ed so often in this comment) :P.




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