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The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky

The Time-Traveling Fashionista
Bianca Turetsky
[April 5, 2011]

When Louise Lambert receives a mysterious invitation to a traveling vintage fashion sale in the mail, her normal life in suburban Connecticut is magically transformed into a time-travel adventure.

After a brief encounter with two eccentric salesladies, Louise dons a stunning rose-pink gown that once belonged to a beautiful silent film star and suddenly finds herself onboard a luxurious cruise ship in 1912. As Alice Baxter, the silent film star, Louise enjoys her access to an extensive closet of gorgeous vintage dresses and begins to get a feel for the challenges and the glamour of life during this glorious time...until she realizes that she's not just on any ship - she's on the Titanic!

Will Louise be able to save herself and change the course of history, or are she and her film-star alter ego destined to go down with a sinking ship in the most infamous sea disaster ever? With a sweet sensibility, The Time-Traveling Fashionista is a fabulously entertaining time-travel adventure that gives readers the inside scoop on vintage fashion.

This book was...kinda odd for me.

From the very beginning, the writing felt very...detached I guess. It was a third person point of view and it was glaringly obvious. I felt like the author and Louise weren't really connected as well as you'd expect. After a while, you stop noticing it, but it takes a pretty long time.

The characters were also pretty cliche. The shallow, perfect best friend. The eccentric parents. The "crazy" ladies that make it all happen. They were all very predictable characters, which was somewhat infuriating.

The book was also very fast paced. What I thought was one day was actually three days. It seemed like Louise didn't do much in those three days...though I guess she slept a lot. You'd expect more considering she was on the TITANIC, but even when the boat sinks it was like "BAM iceberg, oh you need to go to third class? Well THAT'S HALF WAY FLOODED. Oh, back to your first class room? THAT'S HALF WAY FLOODED TOO." I'd say it wasn't much more than 10-15 pages total, for an event that took hours in real life.

But it was a quick read. Took me about two hours. It was kind of fun. Louise got to play and the dresses always sounded so beautiful. The pictures were really helpful and whenever the picture wasn't there, I got kind of sad. And all the famous people she met, it was very interesting to read about.

I didn't hate this book by any means. But I definitely didn't love it. It was very much a take it or leave it book for me and I probably should've left it. At the same time, I do want to read the next book because that takes place during the French Revolution and it IS my favorite history in time. So, I'm kinda glad I did read it. And I'll probably be trying out the next book next year.


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  1. I just read this one, and I enjoyed it, but mostly because I got to revisit part of my childhood with this one. :) I used to be in LOVE with time-traveling Titanic stories, so even with the flaws, the inner 11 year old Ashley was really happy reading this! :)



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