Monday, 16 May 2011

Books My Co-Blogger Forced Me To Read: The Conclusion

Okay, so last week, we put up a post announcing that we would be doing a “Books My Co-Blogger Forced Me To Read” challenge (here is the post, in case you forgot), the general idea was this:

And the challenge is over now.

We cut it down to three books instead of four because we both have review books to get to (books that got cut were Iron King for me and Nevermore for Julie). We will try and maybe finish the last two books and get the reviews up next week, but no promises.

Aside from that, the challenge was a success. Success meaning that we both found some new book loves out of the challenge that we had been putting off reading for a stupid amount of time.

We’ll both be posting our reviews of the books we read for the rest of this week, so you'll need to wait and see what we thought of the books (although, if you follow Julie on twitter, you probably got a clue).


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