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Discussion: Reading Funks//The Universe Does Not Want Me To Read...

I like to read. A lot. And yes, I am stating the obvious but you know, sometimes the moment just demands that the obvious be stated. So yeah: I really like to read.

When I haven’t read a book in a while, I don’t really feel like myself.

…I haven’t read a book in a while. Well, technically it’s not been that long - but it feels like forever. I’ve only read about 3 books this month and it feels almost impossible to finish books. I started reading two (more than two actually, but I’m only going to be referring to the two good ones) and they’re awesome - the kind of books that you can tell right from the start that you’re going to love them.

And yet, I can’t finish them! I keep putting the books down and doing other things instead and then I tell myself, “I’ll read before I go to sleep.” and then I only get like two pages into the book before totally crashing out (sometimes not even two pages).

I know a whole lot of it basically comes down to this:

But seriously, WHY do I procrastinate even when it comes to doing things that I want to do? I understand procrastinating to get out of tidying your room or homework or whatever but I love reading and I want to read so - gah!

And…AND! It’s like the universe doesn’t want me to read or something. I decided that I was going to sit down and read a book cover to cover in one sitting (granted, I chose one of the tiny SimonPulse romcoms but still) and then have a read-a-thon this weekend. This is what happened:

I was up all night ill and then I had to go to my best friends house for her boything/my other friends birthday party on Friday, so that was the read-a-thon delayed until Saturday.

NEXT! I get home…to find that my dog had peed on my book. Perhaps in some sort of
protest for me abandoning him to go to my best friends house. He actually jumped up onto my bed and peed on the exact spot where I left the book I was reading - he has never done that before (peeing on my bed - ew) and he so must have been aiming for the book because he had an entire double bed of places to pee, but no, he goes for the few inches covered in book. So I had to throw the book out unable to finish it.

Saturday: the day I was going to read-a-thon. I woke up to find I have a major cold (sneezing, gooey nose, sore throat, killer headache etc.), so I had to take painkillers and wait for them to kick in before I could even think about reading.
But then - THEN! Power cut. And that would be okay except it’s one of those dark, gloomy days and I don’t have decent enough light to read.

THEN! THEN! As I was sitting in a zombie-like state wearing pj’s, sporting some major bed hair and wrapped in a leopard print slanket in the living room…my step dads brother and his girlfriend from Belgium and her kid arrived.

So I hastily ran upstairs to make myself look more human, less walking dead but now they’re all downstairs and the power is back on but I can’t read when there’s
visitors downstairs talking and laughing and such.

And when they leave, which may not be until very much later (they’re crashing at my sisters house tonight),  if it isn’t too late then I need to go out and buy new bedding thanks to the dog incident because right now I’m using the spare bedding (which my niece and nephew use when they stay).

So yeah…I’m in a total book funk right now and any serious attempt I’ve made to fix the situation has resulted in - not reading. And the reason I’m writing this post has multiple purposes:

1. I needed to whine/rant/vent about my annoying problem.
2. Seeing as me not reading books = me not reviewing books, I just wanted to let you all know why I’ve been MIA (but Julie, being the awesome co-blogger that she is, has been keeping the blog updated).

It's times like this when I particularly feel bad for bloggers who blog on their own - I have an awesome co-blogger and so even if I'm being awful and not posting, Julie's there and she's usually posting stuff (and it works both ways, if she's away somewhere or hasn't done much reading then I post more in her absense). I can't imagine book blogging without her. 

Next month may not have much reading going on either because of NaNoWriMo but I want to maybe have a read-a-thon type week next week and get at least some books read and reviewed (although seeing as NaNo starts next week too, it may be difficult). I have some DNF reviews to go up and I could bring back some of the old features we used to do (old skool favourites or the cover comparisons or whatever) because it feels weird not posting anything on the blog.

Does anyone else have this problem? And how do you get out of it? And, anyone else want to read-a-thon this week too? And are any of you going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year?

But yeah, the goal for next week:


p.s. The last picture? You should check out the Hyperbole and a Half blog, she's hilarious (picture actually said "clean all the things" though...)


  1. After reading all of the mishaps that occurred to prevent your reading, I have to say the universe was stacked against you. You never had a chance.

    I have a problem reading at my parents house, it's dark, it's loud, and my mom is always talking about our neighbors.

    But out here on the road (Trucker's Wife) it is soooo peaceful for the most part. I can read, surf the net, or nap all I want with no major interruptions. But I still get in that "reading is difficult funk."

    Usually I just put away the book I'm reading and pick up another. This works about half the time. When it doesn't work I grab and audiobook and listen to it going down the road. This works 25% of the time, half of the half. Other times I can't do anything so I just give in and go without reading.

    Don't beat yourself up about getting in a funk. Sometimes your brain just needs time to reboot.

  2. Oh man, you seem to have had a rough few days. Suckish :( I'm going through that right now so I can see where you're coming from. I haven't read hardly anything this month, but I try to not let it get to me. I was really frustrated when it first happened. I would just stare at my shelf to try and pick a book, and no matter what, couldn't pick anything. When I did pick one, a few pages later I just put it away. I don't know why, but I just couldn't bring myself to read anything.

    This could have something to do with other things in life that are bothering you. My advice. Pick a day where you're completely free, fix yourself some tea/coffee -whatever you prefer, get something yummy, indulge and kick back with a book. If you're enjoying yourself, chances are you'll be more relaxed and in the mood to read.

    Right now, I'm just waiting it out. Most importantly you need a 4/5 star book on your hands. I know whatever I'm picking up is in the 3 star region and it's not enough. If you want to kick this thing, you need something fantastic. I'm hoping to order Froi of the exiles which I'm pretty certain will blow me away. If you don't have anything that good on you right now, re - read something that you loved and haven't read in a while. I'm thinking Thirteen reasons why, Kite runner, the sky is everywhere the book thief. Jellicoe Road is a fantastic book to re read btw.

    Fingers crossed that we both get out of this.

    Oh and Lanna, the pee+dog thing, Poor you. I felt a jab in my bookish heart when I read that part. Poor you :(

  3. I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately too. Even those books I have read haven't given me much to write about, so I'm ashamed I've only written three blog posts all month! (one being an apology for not posting.) I started The Night Circus, which I think is AMAZING, but I put it down about 2 weeks ago, so I could really SAVOUR it - and haven't picked it up again. Maybe the trick is to not stress about it, ALLOW yourself to not read if you're not feeling like it - it might feel unnatural - it does to me - but if you're only reading because you feel you HAVE to, you won't enjoy it and it will be a slower process. That, or go back to an old favourite.



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