Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Birthday of The Co-Blogger

So it's Julie's birthday today. And I suck at birthday posts but I'm doing one anyway (and Julie...if you're reading this while it's in the drafts then - then...PFFT!).

(I would have just SAID happy birthday but my voice is quiet and I don't know if the mic will pick up my voice and I'd rather not - talk to myself to test it while people are in the house)

You already got your actual present, so here is a selection of GIF's of cute animals being cute animals for you to aww at their cuteness (and if they don't show up, I will kick someone - they show up in the compose box but not the page preview, so we'll see...):

And something to make you laugh? Maybe? Possibly? Perhaps? (and does the too instead of to typo bug anyone else but me?)


And a compliment...or a - truth really: You are absolutely awesome and one of my favourite people and yeah, we say this next part a lot but it's true; I love book blogging, it's been awesome and a huge part of that is because you are awesome. So yeah, happy birthday? (Wow, I suck at this.)

Anyone reading this you wish her happy birthday (in the comments or on twitter @JulieHeartBooks)?


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