Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: I'm Really Not Comfortable with This...

So, this is hosted by the fabulous ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish and y'all should go over and snuggle their fantastic.

This week we're talking about books that pushed our comfort zones. I think I have 10 of them...maybe.

This book created quite a stir in the community. A lot of people refused to even try it, other people were highly intrigued. After reading Lanna's review, I was intrigued. When I got a copy, I decided to read it, knowing it would be a little odd. Then I ended up crying big fat tears in the ending and rooting for these characters. So, there you go.

How many times can I bring up this series? But seriously, it was way out of my comfort zone when I picked it up. I didn't do historical fiction and it didn't do me.

I was never big on verse and I was never big on books with problems like this. It just didn't interest me. But I felt like I couldn't keep being a YA reader without reading Ellen Hopkins. SO glad I did.

I know! I know! I'd read dystopians before, but never anything this dark or violent. I wasn't sure I'd be okay with reading it. But I had to try it since everyone loved it so much. 


I know I didn't ever review this book (or it's sequels), but I did read it. I love Sarah MacLean's writing and I didn't want to wait until she went back to writing YA, so I picked it up. I have no problems with the sexytimes, but I was still wary. But now I crave more from her. And I'm definitely interested in picking up some others like this some day.

I'd never read a book about kidnapping, so I wasn't sure it was something I'd fully enjoy. But I did. I didn't love it, but the story was interesting.

Where I used to avoid paranormal at all costs, I'm now very picky about my contemporary. This isn't the kind of contemporary I'd pick up, but it was just hyped so much, how could I say no?

I've told this story countless times, but I had no interest in this series. I picked it up because I was out of books to read and this was the biggest thing in Wal-mart. I didn't like the idea of vampires, but I'd deal with it.

I haven't really read a lot of adult fiction since blogging, so I was iffy on it. I thought I'd get bored. But I wanted to see the movie, so I had to read the book. So. Freaking. Awesome.

I'm not 100% sure I can count this because I never finished it, but I'm going to. This was dark and creepy and full of gore and blood, more like I expected The Hunger Games to be.. I was actually enjoying it, it was just taking me longer than I wanted to read, so I decided to move on. Someday, I will finally get through all the bloodiness.

So, what's outside your comfort zone?



  1. Great list! I've seen Forbidden on quite a few today and definitely need to pick it up soon.

  2. I love that! You had to read the book before seeing the movie. :) I've felt the same way about Water For Elephants ... I have the movie, but refuse to watch it yet!



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