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Discussion: Project for Awesome

First, an explanation for those who don't know what the Project for Awesome is:

Basically, in short: it's an annual online event to raise awareness for charities. There is an official Project for Awesome website where you can read more about it, check out all the P4A videos, donate money and see how much has already been donated (at least, how much has been donated directly to P4A - it's not even counting the money being donated directly to individual charities).

Before I get to the post part, the reason this is a discussion post is that we want you to link your own P4A videos or blog posts or talk about your favourite charities in the comments.

A few book bloggers have made Project for Awesome videos too. Click here to watch Harmony from Harmony's Radiant Reads P4A video for Books for Kids.

And here is Julie's below is Julie's video:

I kind of left it too late to make a video for Project for Awesome this year and the charities that I considered making a video about would've just had me being a crying, incoherent mess so maybe it's better that I didn't do the video. But I wanted to mention some charities anyway.

The British Heart Foundation

Some of you may know that my dad died - I've mentioned it a few times when it was relevant to my reviews of certain books. He died of a heart condition and it was sudden, unexpected. I didn't get to say goodbye, we didn't know anything was wrong with him. I don't remember the last thing he said to me, or the last thing I said to him.

After he died, my memories are kind of hazy of that time - I was numb, I guess - but one of my most vivid memories is my mum taking me to the doctors not long after he died and sitting there while she explained that my dad died and what he died of and worriedly asked him if it was herreditory, if I could have it too. They didn't know.

He was only in his 30's when he died and it would've been preventable. I've known other people who have died of heart attacks or who have lost someone they love that way. And there aren't words to convey just how awful it is.

So yeah, the British Heart Foundation (or just any charity dedicated to raising money for research to fight heart diseases) is a charity that means a lot to me personally. The money they raise goes towards research, prevention methods, support and care for people with heart disease.

The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research

I recently found out that my granddad on my dads side has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and I also read Adele/Persnickety Snark's blog post about losing her granddad to the disease a little while ago and it really got to me - so yeah, short explanation for why that one matters to me.
- I wanted to mention this one because I think what they do is an awesome way to get people to donate money to good causes. Basically, they release new t-shirts each week and they donate $7 from each t-shirt sale to the charity that t-shirt is for. And the t-shirts are awesome so you're basically buying awesome clothes while giving money to a good cause. Julie has made a youtube video about them since I couldn't make one.

An organisation similar to sevenly is The Yellow Bird Project where they sell things like t-shirts (and colouring books!), and money from the sales goes to good causes and what makes theirs particularly awesome is that it's supported by a bunch of really awesome indie bands like Bon Iver and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Metric (and others). So you, you should check that out too.

Some other awesome charities/organisations: - aims to raise awareness and resourses to prevent child sex trafficking.
To Write Love On Her Arms - organisation dedicated to help people suffering from addiction, depression, self injury and suicidal thoughts. Another one with awesome merchandise raising money going to a good cause and has lots of great bands involved too.
RSPCA - an animal welfare charity
This Star Won't Go Out - if you don't know who Esther Earl was then you can read her story by clicking the link. Her family started to charity to help give financial aid to families of children living with cancer. Here are two of Julie's favourite P4A videos about TSWGO (the people wrote songs!).

Some of mine and Julie's favourite P4A videos:

St. Judes Children's Research Hospital
Child Help (helps victims of child abuse and neglect)
Freedom from Hunger (bookish people/fans of The Hunger Games will appreciate the way she chose to do this video)
The Stroke Association - this is probably my favourite video for personal reasons. She's one of my favourite vloggers and I obviously relate to the fact she lost her dad and it was to a different thing than my dad, but it was still one of those out of the blue things and my best friends granddad died of a stroke six months ago too.

So what are some of your favourite charities or project for awesome videos? Did you make a video yourself? Let us know in the comments.


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