Friday, 27 January 2012

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
by Jennifer E. Smith

Summary: Who would have guessed that four minutes could change everything?

Today should be one of the worst days of seventeen-year-old Hadley Sullivan's life. She's stuck at JFK, late to her father's second wedding, which is taking place in London and involves a soon to be step-mother that Hadley's never even met. Then she meets the perfect boy in the airport's cramped waiting area. His name is Oliver, he's British, and he's in seat 18C. Hadley's in 18A.

Twists of fate and quirks of timing play out in this thoughtful novel about family connections, second chances and first loves. Set over a 24-hour-period, Hadley and Oliver's story will make you believe that true love finds you when you're least expecting it.
I'm kind of torn on this book - I was looking forward to reading it for ages and I did enjoy it... but, not as much as I thought I would.

The book made me cry (although, I admit, that could've been less to do with the book and more about the fact I was in one of those moods where I needed an excuse to cry), but it was the issue with Hadley's dad that got to me, not the romance, and from the title...I dunno, I just expected this book to be more about the romance (I know, I know, I shouldn't judge a book by its title).

The romance was sweet but not all that great and there was no originality to it really except maybe that they were stuck on a plane. I think the title is misleading (although by the end, you do get where the title is from), it makes it sound like it will be a book about love at first sight. I don't believe in love at first sight but I can handle insta-love if done right...the book was more just a typical story of boy meets girl and they like each other and it's maybe the start of something, and it's easy to talk to each other, not because they have a "connection", but because they're strangers and sometimes you can talk to a stranger in a way you couldn't with anyone else, especially a stranger you're probably not expecting to see again.

So yeah...I liked the book, but it just wasn't what I was expecting and I don't think it was about romantic love at all (well, at least not for the main character and her love interest). The family issues are kind of what made the book with the romance just being a subplot - which is fine really, I just read the book when I was in the mood to read a love story, not heavy family issues and the summary/title kind of leads you to believe it'll be a love story when it mostly isn't (and the family issues played out pretty predictably).

The book was really short, so it's a quick read and I'm glad I read it but it's forgettable - it hasn't really crossed my mind since I read it except to remind myself to review it, it's not one that lingers with you for days after reading.

Rating: 3, maybe 3.5 stars out of 5. Good but not amazing.


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