Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Books I've Read But Won't Be Reviewing (1)

This is going to be a new feature on the blog, not the same as Lanna's occasional DNF posts. This will be a sporadic feature for books I read that I can't review here. Usually it'll be because they're not YA and I don't feel properly qualified to review and judge anything but YA because I don't know the genres as well.

The Seeds of Wither
Lauren DeStefano
Simon and Schuster
[November 15, 2011]

This is basically an ebook for the Chemical Garden Trilogy's world. It had the first few chapters of Wither, a short story from the perspective of Linden's first wife, a map of the house they live in, and a couple chapters of Fever. There's also apparently a video for Fever's cover shoot, but I couldn't watch that on my Kindle. It was enjoyable, but I kind of hoped there'd be more new content.

The Assassin and the Pirate
Sarah J. Mass
Bloomsbury Children's
[January 21, 2012]

Sarah's debut novel, Throne of Glass, will be coming out later this year, but leading up it, will be a few prequels so we can get familiar with the world. I want to read Throne of Glass, but I figured it would be good to try this out and see if I like her style and the world. I LOVED it. I'll definitely be checking out the other novellas and Throne of Glass!

The Heir
Grace Burrowes
Sourcebooks Casablanca
[November 9, 2010]

This is an adult historical romance novel, hence why it's not getting reviewed. This was fun and romantic and I really, really enjoyed it. But, like I've said, I'm probably not the best judge when it comes to adult romances.

Sins of a Wicked Duke
Sophie Jordan
Avon Books
[March 13, 2009]

Another adult historical romance. And yes, by the same Sophie Jordan who writes the Firelight series. That's why I decided to try it (that and a lot Kindle price). This was another one I really enjoyed. It was very different from The Heir, but still awesome by my standards.

Courtney Milan
HQN Books...kinda
[May 26, 2011]

I was debating picking up the first book in the series, so I figured I would try the free novella. This one comes after book 1, but before book 2. I really enjoyed this one too. It was more...meaningful than the other two, I guess. But another really good adult historical romance. And you know...free.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNND that concludes this edition of books I won't be reviewing. I...don't know when this will go up again. I also don't know if you care about this. But there you have it. Maybe you'll be able to broaden your reading horizons.



  1. I like this kind of post!:) I also read a lot of books that never make it as reviews on my blog, some times because they're only novellas, and some times because I don't feel like I have much to say. Great idea to still show them off!:)

  2. Oh I love this post! :) I rarely not review books, but maybe I'll do something similar eventually.

    I've been meaning to read Sophie Jordan's adult romances but I haven't found the time. Hopefully soon!



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