Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Book THREE in the Hourglass Series!

Y'all know I don't usually do this but the news was finally announced and nothing else was on the blog for today and it's a Myra McEntire book why are you questioning my actions?

Today, Myra announced that book 3 in the Hourglass series is coming out in the summer of 2013! You can read the whole announcement with the title and whatnot here:

And she also blogged about it a bit here:

I'm trying not to mourn the fact that there will be no ARCs and I have to wait until next June. TRYING SO HARD. It becomes harder to do when I think about all the things that happen in Timepiece. But...I'm gonna manage. Most likely.

And for those of you going to BEA, Myra will be signing paperbacks of Hourglass and Egmont will have Timepiece posters. I'm not cursing out my college for keeping me from BEA inside my head. Not at all.


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