Thursday, 28 June 2012

Reasons You Should Pre-Order Defiance by C.J. Redwine

Remember over a year ago when I did this for Hourglass? Well, guess what.

It's time again.

C.J. was someone I followed...a while before her book deal. She was friends with Myra McEntire, her agent is Holly Root, what more did I need to know? 

Then her book deal was announced and it was like this awesome mix of fantasy and dystopian! Strong heroine! Romance! Action! At that point, it was called The Courier's Daughter and as I'm now realizing, I have a weakness for anything with "daughter" in the title. Hell if I can explain that. I talked to C.J. more. I learned more about her book. We formed a friendship. She made sure I got a copy of Defiance (for a reason I'll explain below) and I devoured it. Shortly after, I became her assistant.

To say the least, I have a pretty special relationship with Defiance and I want to do everything possible to help Defiance and C.J. Now that we're two months away from release, let me tell YOU why you need some Defiance in your life.

  1. I'm in the acknowledgements. I mean, if you're reading this, chances are you like me. So don't you want the world to know that my name should be in/on more books? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.
  2. Dual perspective! See the story from the perspectives of both characters! Both people are equally important and their stories are both important and guys trust me on this, it's necessary and wonderful and loverly.
  3. All of the emotions ever. For the characters and for you. C.J. has this epic power to write well about grief and rage and it was just perfect and my heart was always breaking. ALL THE BREAKING ALL THE TIME.
  4. But see, then she fixed it. Because the romance? Oy. Steady build up, ahoy! Perfectly time to balance when your heart gets put through a paper shredder. All of the tension and all of the loving and just...ajeonslkjsg
  5. The writing is so gorgeous. So emotional. Everything's so well described and then there would be certain times where it just flowed so beautifully I wanted to give up ever being a writer.
  6. Rachel is Bad Ass with a Heart. She has all the feels. Guilt, sorrow, rage, she feels it. And she can wield a sword. And a knife. And a bow and arrow. Basically, you don't want to be on the other end of that rage.
  7. Logan? Logan is our dream, ladies. We're always talking about how while the bad boys are nice and all, why not a real guy? Logan is a tech head, uber smart. Very romantic and sweet. He's a Good Guy. But...he started out his life as a "bad boy." He's just as Bad Ass as Rachel. Then add on the super intelligence and being sweet-but-not-overprotective. Here's a napkin for your drool.
  8. So much action! Guys, it rarely stops. Which is why I think guys can also really appreciate this book. Science and weapons and fighting, oh my!
  9. Evil Villain is Evil. Sure lots of Bad Guys are bad, but this dude is merciless. Cold blooded, soulless man, seriously. One of the most Villainist Villains ever.
  10. I love the world C.J. built. It's dystopian, but it kind of reads like a fantasy novel, which I found awesome. 
  11. Obviously there are other characters besides Rachel, Logan and our Villainist Villain. They're all so well built and your heart reaches out to all of them. So well crafted and just...urgh. Wonderful.
  12. That ending. THAT ENDING. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT'S GONNA BE TO WAIT A YEAR AND A HALF FOR BOOK 2? I's excellently written but the wait for book 2 will be totally manageable. Yes, indeed.
  13. This book? Totally passes the re-read test.
Convinced yet? Go check out Defiance on goodreads, where you can also find links to buy it in various locations. If you're still not convinced, come back and read my review in two months, deal? Deal.



  1. Hell to the yes to all of these reasons! I adored Defiance and I can't wait to get a shiny finished copy for my shelves! Great post, Julie!

  2. I agree with you 100%! I loved Defiance! I loved Rachel! I loved Logan! I loved it all! :)

  3. Uh oh, I'm not looking forward to the ending now... hate waiting!! Anyway, I'm actually reading this right now but I'm still pretty close to the beginning. I'm liking it so far, but I'm looking forward to falling even more in love with the characters and getting into the plot.

  4. Definitely going to pre-order once I get my next check. :D

  5. Love your passion and your story about becoming the author's assistant is awesome :) THe story sounds interesting, I put my name in for an early readers copy at Goodreads. I'll post a review on my other blog ( if I get it :)



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