Monday, 4 June 2012

The Third Day, The Frost by John Marsden

Note: I think other versions of the book are published under the title The Killing Frost, just so you know.
The Third Day, The Frost
Book Three in the Tomorrow Series
by John Marsen

Summary: Ellie and her friends have achieved more than they ever thought possible as an unarmed bunch of amateur teenage fighters. But it's not enough. The war wages on, their families are in captivity and their country is on its knees. Hiding back in Hell, the friends face a big question: what to do next?

The gang have another success when they manage to rescue Kevin. He returns to them equipped with a new knowledge of explosives. Suddenly the question of what to do next becomes clear - launch an attack on the major enemy target of Cobblers' Bay.

Can Ellie, Homer, Fi, Robin, Lee and Kevin really stage a major military attack on the enemy? And in their attempt to pull it off, what will they have to sacrifice? They have already lost Corrie and Chris; who else will the group have to lose in their desperation to defend their country?
 I don't actually have much to say about this book, because it feels like I said everything I'd want to say about them in the reviews of books one and two but basically, I loved it.

I really love this series, there's something about it that feels so raw and real. While some of the situations in the book might seem a bit far fetched or things falling into place too conveniently sometimes, it doesn't feel that way while reading it - it feels real and easy to imagine and easy to feel the same anger or exhaustion or fight that is in the characters, it's easy to project yourself into the situation and wonder what you would do; if you could be as brave or strong or keep going even when it seems hopeless.

The characters are great too. They're great because, well... they're not great. They're normal, they screw up, they argue, they get mad at each other and all those negative aspects of relationships, of stressful situations, hell, of being human, are shown in the book. And I really, really like that and that's what makes them so great and likeable.

Ellie tells the story, as if she's writing down everything that happened to them since the war began and I'm not normally into that sort of style but the way it's done in this series is really good and Ellie feels like such an honest narrator - she doesn't sugarcoat things, she doesn't leave out details that make her look bad and she tells it like it is, even if it would make people mad at her and that makes her a really good narrator.

The plot of this book - I'm not sure if it is my favourite or my least favourite of the three. On one hand, it was satisfying in a way the others weren't because it felt like the characters were aiming bigger...that the whole situation was bigger than just them doing things to try and fight back in their little town. But then, out of the three books, I did find this one the most far fetched and it's not so much what they do, but the timing of some things and things conveniently happening so I liked the book a little less for that. Overall, it was still really good though and I was rooting for the characters and there's a part near the end that I can't mention because of spoilers, but it managed to make me cry.

So... apparently I had more to say about the book than I thought I did. This is a really good series, you should check it out. I'd rate this book 4 stars out of 5.


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