Friday, 6 July 2012

Blood Moon by Alyxandra Harvey

Note: This is the 5th book in the Drake Chronicles series, the review is pretty spoiler-free but the summary probably won't be.

Blood Moon
by Alyxandra Harvey

Summary: When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, Solange Drake is plunged into a battle with her feral nature. The Drake brothers have been raised knowing they had to protect their younger sister at all cost. But forbidden magic and a mysterious stranger have put all of them in terrible danger.

Nicholas is going to have to make a difficult choice: between his girlfriend, Lucy, and his little sister, Solange - blood or love?
 I've really enjoyed this series so far and this book is no exception. It wasn't my favourite in the series (I'll get to why in a minute), but it was good (like, 3.5-4 stars out of 5 good).

The main thing I adore about this series is the characters. They're just so fun and quirky and loveable, and because some of the books introduce new characters (like Hunter and her friends, and Christabel and Isabeau) and how their stories are woven together with the Drake's, with every new book it makes the world feel... bigger and better somehow, because these characters that you've met and loved from previous books pop up again and you see them through the eyes of other characters and care about them too and I loved that.

I probably mention this in all the reviews for this series, but: This is one of those rare books that can have alternating points of view without really annoying me.

There were chapters from Lucy, Solange, Nicholas and Kierans perspective in this and I was totally fine with that (normally switching narrators is one of my pet peeves in books). Out of all the narrators, Lucy is my favourite - she's just so fiesty and funny and she's strong... she's surrounded by all of these people who can outdo her in speed or strength but she still totally holds her own and it's not in an unrealistic way, she's just fierce like that. Plus, her and Nicholas have a relationship that's just made of adorable, I think out of all the couples in the series, those are the two that I love the most.

The book not being my favourite... well, that's down to the fact that Solange annoyed me so much in this one (please note that it wasn't actually a flaw in the book, she was supposed to be this way, it was just more annoying to read about). She was starting to bug me in the last book but this book took it to a whole new level, I wanted to kick her character most of the time, she was just such a brat and was so blind to something that was so obvious to the reader and to other characters and she was awful to people she's supposed to care about. I can't explain more without giving big spoilers but... she has some serious making up to do in the next book.

The ending... out of all the books, this is the ending that has left me the most unsure. I can't wait to read the next book to see what's going to happen next.

Basically, this series is fun and cute and it keeps me entertained even though I'm pretty burned out on the vampire genre. (Oh, and there's a bonus story at the end of the book.)

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