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Books I've Read But Won't Review (6)

More? Already? Well, yes. With the stress of the end of the year and knowing I've got a ton of books still to review, reading just-for-me books and not worrying about writing a review after is so nice.

The Prince's Nanny
Carol Grace
[May 11, 2010]

A classic romance novel about an American Nanny who meets her match in romantic Italy by Harlequin author Carol Grace.

Nanny Sabrina West is way over her head. Taking on the naughty twin daughters of Prince Vittorio in his villa on the shores of Lake Como is hard enough. Now the prince wants her to play hostess at his parties. In her new couture clothes she faces the challenge of winning over the twins and trying not to fall for their sexy father. How can Sabrina hold onto her job when her heart tells her the job she really wants is wife and mother?

This one was nothing spectacular. Not a very original story and not all that well written. But it was entertaining enough and very quick.

The Millionaire's Nanny
Carol Grace
[August 8, 2011]

Maggie Chisholm was determined to be the perfect nanny, and she gave her all to her six-year-old charge. But nothing in her training at Nanny School prepared her for the boy's sexy father. Garrett Townsend was her employer for heaven's sake and off-limits according to the Nanny Book of Unbreakable Rules. She could deal with any childhood crisis, but how could she maintain her professional distance when passion flared between them every time Garrett got too close?

Garrett was furious at the nanny agency for sending Maggie. The last thing he needed was a beautiful woman in his house. He'd mistakenly given his heart to one before, and he wasn't going to let that happen again. But Christmas is coming and Maggie had already brought her warm, feminine touch into his home and Garrett found his willpower weakening...

After reading the prince version, I read the millionaire version. Pretty much the same as the first, nothing to sing praises about, but fun and short. 

Courtney Milan
HQN Books
[January 25, 2011]

He was her bitterest enemy...

Ash Turner has waited a lifetime to seek revenge on the man who ruined his family, and at last the time for justice has arrived. At Parford Manor, he intends to take his place as the rightful heir to the dukedom, and settle an old score with the current duke once and for all. But when he arrives, he finds himself drawn to a tempting beauty who has the power to undo all his dreams of vengeance.

And her dearest love.

Lady Margaret knows she should despise the man who’s stolen her fortune and her father’s legacy—the man she’s been ordered to spy on in the guise of a nurse. Yet the more she learns about the new duke, the less she can resist his smoldering appeal. Soon Margaret and Ash find themselves torn between old loyalties—and the tantalizing promise of passion...

On the other hand, I really, REALLY liked this one. It was very well written, had an intriguing story line, and was just super good! Read this one very quickly and I'm definitely interested in reading more by Milan.

What an Earl Wants
Shirley Karr
Avon Books
[December 28, 2004]

A delightful Regency-era tale of an earl who always gets his way and the woman who is determined to resist his an exciting debut author 

The Earl of Sinclair is fit to be tied His servants have been pairing up and eloping, leaving the rest of his household staff referring to him as the matchmaking earl. His newest hire is his secretary Quincy
It isn't long before his insolent employee wraps the household staff around his finger, which Sinclair is willing to overlook, especially when he realizes that the backside he finds himself constantly staring at is not that of a boy, but of a full-grown woman Quincy never actually lied; she simply never said she wasn't a he.

Desperate for employment, she dressed as any secretary would and let her employer make his own assumptions. Now if only she can keep her mind on her work instead of Sinclair's devilish charm, she just may stop herself from falling in love with him.

While I wasn't crazy about how quickly people caught on to the truth about Quincy, I did really liked this one too. It was also different and entertaining and well written. Karr is another author I'll be watching for.

As An Earl Desires
Lorraine Heath
Avon Books
[March 29, 2005]

Camilla Hutchenson, countess, sponsor, darling of the ton, has reached a staggering level of social power. But one man has managed to distract her attention from her schedule of charity endeavours and teas – and not just because he holds the deed to her estate.

The man in question, Archibald Warner, is the new Earl of Sachse. Though at first meeting he suspects his new ward of being nothing more than a social bit of fluff, the more time passes, the more he finds himself drawn to her. But there is something she is hiding from him, and she hesitates to show him her real heart, even though she wishes she could learn to trust him with it. For somehow she knows...if only she can give him the chance, he will teach her everything she could hope to learn about love.
 I really, really enjoyed this one as well. It was interesting and well written and kind of adorable. Heath is another author I really think I'll be paying attention to.



  1. aww would you change your mind and review Unveiled? lol

  2. Aw man, people keep raving about Courtney Milan. I don't know why I haven't read any of her books yet!



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